$2 Million Won’t Be Budgeted For Rape Kit Testing In Tennessee

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(WREG-TV) Tennessee state lawmakers decided not to designate $2 million in state money to test thousands of untested rape kits.

Legislators want more information before allocating the money.

Memphis Mayor A C Wharton asked that the money be given statewide to test backlogged rape kits, but the measure died in committee.

When State Senator Jim Kyle proposed it again on the Senate floor Thursday, it was tabled until next year.

Kyle wanted $2 million out of the $40 million legislative reserve to go toward the backlog of rape kits.

Earlier this week, the idea was killed in the Finance, Ways and Means committee.

Senator Mark Norris of Collierville is one of the lawmakers who did not approve the money.

He told the committee that he first wants a count of just how many untested rape kits there are in the state before that money is appropriated.

He also mentioned that the federal government is considering giving $30 million toward  rape kit testing.

Norris was thanked just this week for his efforts in helping with legislation for rape victims after he proposed a bill that eliminated the statute of limitations on rape cases which was passed.

The Memphis Area Women's Council said we know how many rape kits there are in Memphis now, and they wish lawmakers would give Memphis the help it needs for the testing.


    • Nonya Bidness

      Why should the financial responsibility of bad policy by the city of Memphis be foisted upon the state? Have Memphis get their financial act together before they go begging to the tax paying citizens in other areas.

    • George Brown

      Norris was instrumental in getting the statute of limitations in which a woman can report a rape eliminated.

    • 1midtownmike

      Indeed. There’s no way the state will approve a budget for this until the results of Attorney General Holders investigation are made public.

      I’m just thankful that we have a president and cabinet that can put race aside…..no favors, no good old boy networking…..just leaders who make this country a better place!

  • Scot Fenton

    There should be a belt put into production that requires a password to unlock–or even underwear, technological clothing is going to be the latest advancement in our society.

  • forestwalker

    If men benefited from the testing of these kits they would be a top priority in law enforcement and the legislators would be perusing criminal charges for not testing them.

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