No Punishment For Girl Who Threw Puppies In River

puppy girl

(WREG-TV) A video continues to make its way around the internet showing a teenage looking female throwing six puppies into a rushing river.

Many people have been sharing the video to help catch the girl.

It turns out she has been found and the incident took place in 2010 in Bosnia.

The girl, whose age and identity have never been released, was questioned but was released and will not be charged because under Bosnian law she is too young to face charges.

There were reports all but one puppy was rescued from the river but many said the report was not correct.

“This is outrageous,” a PETA spokeswoman, Nadja Kutscher, said, according to a report in a German newspaper. “The puppies that the old woman was with were completely different ones to those thrown into the river in the video. The puppies would never have survived.”

The girl allegedly posted this apology online, “My name is Katja Puschnik and I would like to appologize [sic] for my behavior. The puppies belong to my grandma and she told me to get rid off them because they were only 3 days and they were ill. They had parasites from their mother. I didn’t knew [sic] exactly what to do so I thrown [sic] them in the river because it was a short death. I did not want to make them suffer. I am really sorry for this:(“

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