Memphis Makes A Dream Come True For St. Jude Patient Josh Hardy

(Memphis) People in Memphis made a dream come true for St. Jude patient Josh Hardy.

WREG first told you about Josh’s fight for an experimental drug that would save his life in February after he caught a virus after undergoing a bone marrow transplant.

He finally got the medicine, and is now on the road to recovery,

Josh’s wish was to feel well enough to go to Thursday’s Grizzlies game against the Miami Heat and see his favorite player, LeBron James.

People in Memphis made it happen.

First Call Ambulance gave him a ride for free, Radians Inc. offered its suite, Mark Hardin gave his court side seats, and the Memphis Grizzles hooked him up with gear.

“It’s just so heartwarming to have people so generous,” said Aimee Hardy, Josh’s mother.

After 70 days in the intensive care unit at St. Jude, Hardy, his parents and three brothers got to leave the hospital and be a normal family.

“It was like Christmas morning! I couldn’t stop thinking about it and what it was going to look like,” said Aimee.

Not long after Josh settled in, his favorite Grizzlies player dropped in to say hi.

Quincy Pondexter got all his teammates to sign a basketball for Josh, and the two hung out until the game.

“This young fellow right here is a warrior,” Pondexter said.

Josh’s immune system is still weak.

He has a long road ahead, but for a few hours, all that was forgotten as the little guy felt like a kid again.

“Thank you everybody for helping me get here!” Josh said.

WREG asked LeBron James, via the Heat media team, if he would be willing to meet Josh.

We were told he declined.

The great news is if all goes as planned, Josh could be out of the hospital Thursday and in an apartment in Memphis.

He hopes to go back to North Carolina by July.


  • Robert

    Lebron made another poor “decision” I guess. That’s 0-2 now as to the outcome of both decisions! Sad sad sad…

  • June

    I’m a fan of King James ,,,,, but this is sad .. Thanks to Memphis for making this child feel welcome ,,, 1 check for Memphis ,,,0 for James

  • anonymous

    seriously? whether it was planned months in advance or 5 minutes in advance, he couldn’t take 5 minutes to go over and say HI to the kid? that wouldn’t have taken anything away from his ‘busy schedule’. get real – quit taking up for people who don’t appreciate the fans that put him where he is today.

  • Dano

    Marie….this child is not JUST a fan……he is a child fighting cancer…who wanted to meet LeBRon. I dont care how busy he was… minute out of his time was not too much to ask for this child. I am sure the almighty is asked a thousands things with each visit, but someone in his chain of command dropped the ball this time and unless someone else comes up and says it was their fault….then the man must accept responsibility for his actions or in this case..his non actions.

    And what if this child was YOUR child? Stardom clouds so many peoples eyes from what is real and what is fake. Compassion, Marie…is real. Ignoring the request from a child with cancer….there is simply no excuse.

  • lucas

    What would it be so planned?? 5 minutes from his precious time! It was just sitting there! Josh won 4 cancer! And it was to see your idol!

  • Marie

    I’m not taking up for him or anyone else; I just refuse to call the man a jerk because he didn’t meet with this fan this one time; when I know he made another young cancer patient in Milwaukee feel special a few weeks ago and he participates in many other charitable events in his hometown and in Miami.

    My goodness because he couldn’t for whatever reason meet with this one kid this one time does not make the man the worse person in the world.

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