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Does The GoGo Pillow Really Hold Your Tablet Anywhere You Want?

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(WREG-TV) In this week's Does It Work, we tested the GoGo Pillow, which claims it can hold your tablet in any position you need it.

Tired of propping up your tablet to read, work, or watch?

The GoGo Pillow claims it can securely hold your tablet and mold to any surface so you can be hands free.

But Does It Work?

Mary Doty is a wife, mother of three, and always on the go!

"I have two boys who play competitive ball and I have a 14-month-old daughter. We are crazy busy all the time."

From the ball field, vacation trips, and back home, can the GoGo Pillow keep up with the very active Doty family?

"I'm going to try the big iPad first...it's not coming out! Ha!"

We even got the kids involved! Caleb gave it a few swift shakes too, and the big iPad was snug as a bug.

Mary then placed the mini iPad into the smaller slots of the GoGo Pillow and gave it a few shakes. We also enlisted Christian to flex his muscles.

"It's very secure, it's not moving at all!"

As for using it in the kitchen...

"It does work here, to be able to cook, but it does not work from the cabinet. The straps don't hold."

The boys tried it in the family's SUV. It fit on the back of the seat, but it did droop a bit.

"I actually thought it worked. It really does most of what it said. Not everything. The kids think it's great."

GoGo Pillow, you passed the Does It Work test!

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