Ching’s Wings Employee Needed Staples In His Head After Fight In The Kitchen

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(Memphis) Although still wearing his work sweatshirt, Gevaun Gooden's love for Ching's Wings has faded.

The employee for five years had an argument with the owner, which he says turned into an all-out brawl in the kitchen.

“He grabbed me by the back of my neck and that’s what got him jacked up,” said Gooden.

Gooden needed staples in his head.

He says owner Edgar Williams was angry because he was late for work.

Gooden says Williams grabbed a gun from his holster on his hip and threatened to kill him, then grabbed a metal pipe and started hitting him repeatedly in the back of the head.

According to police documents, officers saw the attack caught on the store's security camera and heard the owner yell “get out."

The documents also state the officers saw Williams grab Gooden around the neck, get a metal pipe, and hit Gooden in the head.

“It had to be something that really provoked it,” said Doris Gathright.

Ching's is a popular spot for the University of Memphis basketball team and many others around town.

News that the owner could do something like this strikes most longtime customers off guard.

“(They’re) a very loving family, religious family,” said Gathright.

Williams said, “You have to be careful with kids today," but offered no further explanation on what went on in the kitchen.

So far, he doesn’t face any charges, but Gooden says he will prosecute.


    • For Real

      Yeah, that would do it. Funny how there is a church on every corner in Shelby County and there is more crime here than most of the country.

  • bambam84

    Psychotic attack in a place of business, ON SECURITY FOOTAGE, and no charges are filed? -clapping hands BRAVO, MPD. Protecting And Serving.

    • Dave

      Probably means there’s a bit more to it than what this guy says happened and this news station reported. Just a thought.

  • For Real

    How shocking considering that place is pure ghetto. Their wings aren’t any better than what you can find in a safer part of town. Sheeple seem to flock there, though, and I don’t know why.

    • the brown cracker

      You are ill informed, their wings are 1much better than most wing places in Memphis and the place isn’t really ghetto unless you consider the mixed crowd of mostly u of m students ghetto in your books. A quick way to solve your issues with the place is to never ever go there or anywhere close to it.

      • For Real

        You have no idea how many places I have had wings in this city so you’re way off base with the “ill informed” comment. Nobody informs me of these things. I go to find them myself and this place is all hype. Is it really that hard to deep fry a wing and put Red Hot on it? That’s all this place does as well as 99% of every other hot wing joint in town. They’re all a dime a dozen. This place decorates their establishment with Tigers stuff and gets a reputation as the Tigers hangout so people flock there. Places like Central BBQ, Elwoods Shack or Double J’s or even Alex’s have good wings. And to say that Ching’s in the ghetto and ran by trash means you should take off your sunglasses at night.

    • SC

      Pretty sure the “Sheeple” you speak of are the ones who flocked to the ‘burbs and think Hooters is a great place to get wings.

      My (white, middle class, college educated) family loves eating at Ching’s! It’s another great Memphis hole in the wall that exemplifies the awesome diversity we are privileged to have. We have no idea what actually occurred in that kitchen, and it’s really none of our business. MPD/our legal system will handle it. It’s not like the owner got in a fight with a patron.

      Find a real news story, CA.

      • SC

        HA, oops! Looks like I assumed this non-story was on the CA site, not WREG. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

      • For Real

        Wrong. The Sheeple are the people who keep these holes in the wall in business. I don’t care about the fight but I have waited in this place for my wings and had a clear view of their nasty kitchen and the laziness that works there. I’m pretty sure I smelt like fried food for a week after that one and only visit. Nice effort with the burbs plug but you can read my comment above about places with much better wings that the dime a dozen fry and shake in sauce places.

      • Bebe Shay

        “MPD/our legal system will handle it.” Like they handle all them untested sexual assault kits right??

  • mr. matt


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