RDC Getting Into Restaurant Biz When Beale Street Landing Opens In June

(Memphis) After more than $10 million dollars in cost overruns and numerous delays, the Beale Street Landing project is set to open June 27.

Part of the project opened last summer with a gift shop and docking for the American Queen.

Low water levels, however, forced the boat to dock at another place.

A planned restaurant still has not materialized so now the Riverfront Development Corporation, which runs Beale Street Landing, is thinking about getting into the restaurant business.

RDC members discussed the idea at a meeting Tuesday and said they would add carpeting and paint to form a bar area.

There were concerns about the lack of parking, the building being isolated and the mysterious lack of a gas line.

While the majority of restaurants use gas, we were told it would have cost $450,000 to install a gas line at the location.

Even with the concerns the RDC plans to go ahead with a bar and grill and will not ask the city for any more money.


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