Neighbors Defend Mother Of Special Needs Child Found Alone

(Tipton County) WREG has found out much more about the special needs boy found wandering alone in the cold Monday in Tipton County.

He is not in school, even though he should be in the first grade, but some neighbors insist his mother is a good parent.

The 6-year-old, who officials believe is autistic and unable to speak, was found barefoot and only wearing pajamas.

He was cold, shaking, and scared, standing alone in a flooded drainage ditch about a half mile from his home.

He has been removed from his mother’s home and placed in the care of a relative by the Department of Children’s Services.

Officials with the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office said the boy’s mother, Kirah Vickers, was asleep when the child left the house early Monday morning.

WREG did knock on Vickers door to give her the opportunity to explain what happened in her own words. Someone was home, but they wouldn’t answer the door.

A neighbor said Vicers is a good mother.

“She looks after him,” the woman said. “She’s always watching him. She won’t even let him out of her sight…she was crying hysterically. She was worried to death.”

Officials said there was no sign of physical abuse to the boy, but until they are able to finish their investigation, he will not be returned to his mother’s custody.

It is a decision that has Vicker’s neighbors torn.

“They ought to just keep their nose out of it and give her her kid back,” one woman said.

However, another neighbor, who has worked as a foster parent before, said sometimes it is exactly what is needed.

“Some are heartbreaking. Some, the family gets the help they need and they rejoin and live happy. You just never really know the outcome.”

The boy was taken to the hospital and treated for exposure and released.

Deputies found his mom when they started knocking on doors in the neighborhood.

There is no word on if she will face charges.


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