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Dyersburg Man Jailed For Selling Synthetic Marijuana

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(Dyersburg, TN) Charges of possession and sale of illegal drugs landed a Dyersburg, Tenn., man back in jail.

Jeffery Tyler Joy was already on probation, but complaints from neighbors about suspicious activity on their normally quiet street sent Dyer County deputies knocking on his door.

"We don't want any crime or anything to come in and destroy the neighborhood. So, we're very relieved," said concerned homeowner Scott Young.

Young lives on Village Street Dyersburg, right next door to where lawmen arrested Joy on Monday.

Neighbors complained to the Dyer County Sheriff's Narcotics Unit there might be illegal drug activity at the house Joy was living in.

Scott Young said he'd noticed a lot of cars coming and going at the house at all hours, but didn't know a lot about Joy.

"In the first few months I would see him outside in the front yard. But after two or three months I didn't see him anymore. He's been staying in the house," said Young.

Joy is already on probation for felony theft, so deputies didn't need a search warrant.

Once inside the house they found synthetic marijuana, which is often called Spice or K2, digital scales, packaging materials, a police scanner and several weapons.

Deputies also confiscated a surveillance system with seven cameras and two video monitors.

The cameras were mounted on the front and sides of the house and under the car port.

Young said when the cameras went up, so did neighbor's suspicions.

"I'm assuming just to be extra careful, so he could watch and see what was going on, on the street," said Young.

Tuesday, no one answered the door at the house, though a truck was parked in the driveway.

Lee Blackburn lives down the street and said families in the neighborhood shouldn't have to live in fear.

"It just kind of scares me that it could go on. That the people have no regard for anyone else," said Blackburn.

Young said hopefully, with Joy's arrest, things will get back to normal.

"And it's been troubling for all of us and we're very happy that something's been done," said Scott Young.

Joy is being held without bond in the Dyer County jail on drugs and weapons charges and with violating his probation.

He's scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court Thursday in Dyersburg.


  • jeremy

    if theyd just legalize the real stuff he wouldnt have been doing this in the first place.Spice or K2 whatever you wanna call it is deadly!

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