Co-Workers Pass It On To Woman Who Smiles Despite Tough Times

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(WREG-TV) Being a parent can be the most rewarding experience of our lives, but it can also be the most expensive.

When our kids need some special attention, we want to do everything we can, but with a family budget, it's not always possible.

This week's $600 Pass It On surprise went to a mom facing just that dilemma with one of her sons.

Eric Johnson and his boss, Nicole Bowen, work at a bank branch together in Whitehaven. They want to pass it on to teller Alisa Bell.

Alisa's middle son is 13 and has lots of pain from a foot deformity known as flat feet.

Special orthotic inserts are required to help him walk and run without swelling - very expensive inserts that aren't fully covered by insurance.

Alisa recently had to take a week off work without pay to help him, but she hasn't complained once.

"To see her come to work every day with a smile on her's just a joy to see her every day."

We walked up to the bank where some co-workers in birthday hats were waiting to help us pull this off.

There were a lot of hugs when Eric told Alisa she's the latest Pass It On recipient, because Alisa, who counts money all day long, now gets to take some home with her.

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