Police: 12-Year-Old Student Hid Knife In His Sleeve

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(Memphis) A 12-year-old Colonial Middle School student was arrested for bringing a knife to school Monday.

The boy hid the knife up his sleeve, and said he brought it for protection.

He was taken from the school to juvenile court.

There have been numerous guns and several knives found at Shelby County Schools this year.

Last Tuesday, one person was taken into custody after a knife was found at Munford High School.

On February 13, a Kirby High School student was caught bringing a knife into the school when he went through the metal detector.

A Keystone Elementary student brought a knife to school on January 29th.

On January 23, a Wooddale High student was arrested for possession of a gun on campus after another student alerted the school resource officer.

A student at A.B. Hill Elementary School was found with a knife January 15.

A 16-year-old Bartlett High School student was arrested January 10 when a .32 caliber semi-automatic pistol was found in the student’s waistband. The student was also in possession of 1.1 grams of marijuana.


  • hank wesson

    Adults need to listen to children no matter the situation we need to stop thinking that we. are better than the next person pay attention to all the children

  • Chris Williams

    I’m surprised this made the news…..The Memfiss media makes you believe that this type of thing doesn’t happen at White Station, Bellevue, Snowdon, and Colonial. Only Hamilton, Westside, Cypress have those types of problems. Go figure

  • subshine

    Yes yes very true adults need to listen to kids so I wish scshools would have listen to my daughter. She telling the truth grown people bully and provoke too

  • JJazz

    1.1 grams of marijuana, my gosh. That’s as much as a paperclip weighs. I sure hope Amy gave that evil child a life sentence. We can’t have people walking around with that sort of thing.

  • Don

    This is not the child problem, This is a parent problem. someone need to tell the parents it is their fault these children are taking weapons to school.
    As for the 1.1 grams of marijuana, more than likely the kid found the parents stash.

  • Aha!

    Colonial used to be a wonderful school to educate children. Bussing took care of making it a hell-hole of a school.

  • Rom

    What gets me on this situation is they are worried about the child bringing the knife to school instead of taking them to juvenile court someone should be trying to figure out the reason why he’s bringing it to school the 12 yr old saying he could happen to have a situation where he is being bullied, you don’t know what the situation could be taking the victim away you still have the suspect at school smh

    • Terrie

      They should take this kid to juvie, leave him for a month, walk his parents past him on their way to jail .
      Channel 3 lists all the other school w/the same. I want to know what has happened to them? Did they go to juvie? Jail? Did the parents go to jail? Are they ALL out after posting a $1.00 bond? Is he back at school??

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