New Info: Child Found In Pajamas Standing In Flooded Ditch

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(Covington, TN) Investigators have released new information about a child found Monday morning standing in his pajamas in a flooded ditch.

This happened around 9 a.m. at Detroit Road and Jamestown Road in Drummonds, Tenn.

A Public Works crew spotted the 6-year-old child standing in the ditch.

The boy is described as non-verbal with special needs, which made it tougher to find his parents.

Eventually, deputies came in contact with the boy's mother, Kirah Vickers.

She told investigators her son woke her about 5:30 a.m.

She thought he went back to bed, but somehow he was able to get outside.

When she woke, she found he was gone and was going door to door when investigators found her.

Vickers is said to be cooperating with investigators.

Doctors at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Covington checked out the boy for exposure to the elements and released him to the Department of Children Services.



      thank you for standing up for this mother. She’s going to need your support. When the detective knocked on my door today looking for his mother the first thing that they did was describe someone who was a lot like my son. he’s also autistic and nonverbal. I did my best to try to locate the people I thought might know where he belongs . I rode in the back of the ambulance with him, he sat on my lap and I stay at the hospital with him, he seems very well taken care of . I know how it is for people that take care of children like him. He seems like an expert door opener the whole time we are at the hospital he was trying to open all the doors so please tell the mom not everybody out there thanks Ill of her and If I can be of any assistance please reply . I’m right down the street and I understand what it’s like and I hope that she gets him back soon

  • Anonymous

    For his sake. All I can say is please pray for the best solution for the boy. Instead of assuming and bashing. That won’t help this child.

  • Marybelle

    My heart aches for this precious little boy. I just want what is best for him. Hopefully the investigation will get the truth as to why he was out alone.
    We are living in a mixed up world and many children are suffering. I will pray for this family

  • Belinda

    Autism is a tough thing. The children are VERY SMART..most of the time they are non-verbal. It’s tougher on the parents…they figure out how to work locks and things. Sometimes after they see something done one time they have it memorized. This child’s Mother probably did not even know he was out of the house. Be careful of some of the remarks you make..especially if you don;t know the entire situation.

  • Joe Bledsoe

    God bless my mother, I can’t begin to tell you what I put her and my Dad through when I was this age. If I was suppossed to be home I was likely somewhere else, if I was supposed to be on top of something I was likely under it and vice versa, if I was supposed to be here I was there. Supposed to be outside I was inside and again vice versa. Playng in the bushes in front of the house once and fire trucks and police cars show up and I watched them come to the house. I became interested after a while and came out to see what was up, imagine the rest. Us little guys after we learn to turn a doorknob and unlock a door are gone in a flash. They put a screen door hook on top of the fron t and back doors to keep me in, guess what a broom handle will open it and away a 5 year old will go. My name is Joe but I thought it was “NO” until I was maybe 6 or 7. Just glad he is home and ok, don’t blame the Mom too much. Mine never did anything wrong except maybe the switch, I hated the switch but it worked.Every stinger I got I deserved.

    Love you Mom and miss you Dad.

  • Dan

    My son wandered off at age 3…no shoes, not jacket, on a “warm” winter day. He got cold and just walked into a neighbor’s house. Due to a fluke of the day, those at home had no idea who he was. The policeman who called met my (very panicked) wife on the way, and it didn’t take long to figure out missing child + freaked out parent = family reunion. There was no negligence, no crime. Just a very clever “escape artist” with autism who won that round.The article, at this time, isn’t specifying the boy has autism…but, it fits with my boys’ stories. This family has had a scare. They don’t need judgement. They need understanding, care and concern. We are very blessed to have great neighbors (who return our wanderers or tell us when they’ve hoofed it). For the judgemental, please go somewhere 500 miles from family, and raise one or two children with autism. You’ll see the world through fresh eyes.

  • Momma Of Escape Artist

    I am a single mother who has had he** trying to keep up with my son. He used to wake me up immediately after he woke up and once he befriended a neighbor’s children he started trying to slip out the door if I even closed the door when I went into the bathroom(although he never got far, he went straight down stairs & I went right after him). I spent 2 years up and down all thru the night checking on him and when I moved from an apartment into a house close to a highway (also out of city limits) I immediately had ADT installed on all the windows and doors because I was so afraid of him going outside or coming up missing during the night and I love my child and I would be mortified if I woke up to find him missing. I sleep much better with the alarm system and chime on during the day. This woman needs to invest in the alarm system with chimes on all the doors and windows.

  • Guest

    I have a 6yo with severe autism, who is non- verbal, wanders and can open locks. When your child wakes up, you don’t assume anything. By 6, you’ve had at least three years of knowing your kid has a severe disability … What went wrong?

  • Finally!!!!!!!

    I am so thankful that he was found unharmed. As for the mother there is a lot more there then meets the eye. I can only pray they investagate more into her and take a good look around her living situation. It is extremely hard raising a child with special needs or learning disabilities and I commend the parents that do everything they can for there children. This sad excuse of a mother was and has been more worried about herself then her child on a lot of occasions. It sickens me to know these children suffer because the system fails them time and time again. This little boy I part is in good hands now and stays that way he deserves so much more then she ever gave him!!!

  • b12

    See even you guys tend bully each other. Dang, STOP IT. Most likely you are adults and this is about a little boy with AUTISM who is MOST LIKELY SMARTER than the two of you Steve and Kevin. GEEZ, grow up . And Steve they are NOT suppose to take EBT cards at the Liquor Store so HERE’S YOUR SIGN.. Some people just cannot fix Stupid Kevin.

  • HaterLover

    1st the kids in the parking lot at a ho-tel, now this kids in a ditch in PJ’s. It take a village to raise a child and she should have had help from one of you Haters. Instead of bumping your gums and keeping up with the races take care of your own. If yall haven’t noticed yall have fallen off a lot over the last twenty. Leave others along and take care your own.

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