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One Law Could Change 60 Years Of Annexation Laws

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(WREG-TV) Cities are feeling pressure on two controversial fronts from state lawmakers in Nashville.

First, a proposed law that would force cities to allow guns in their parks has mayors rising up against it.

Second, the governor is expected to sign legislation that will forever change 60 years of annexation laws.

Residents will now have to approve these land grabs before they can happen.

How will this affect Memphis?


  • JJazz

    This isn’t much of a story. But how will it affect Memphis? Residents of where will have to approve annexation, residents of Memphis or residents of the target area? Nobody in Cordova/Wolfchase would have voted in favor of being annexed but I’m sure most residents of Memphis would have.

    Give some details on what’s going on or don’t bother posting an article.

      • John Snow

        Yes and the city thought they would collect more taxes, we know what happened, the people who pay taxes left. So it cost the city more than what they collect in taxes.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    Take better of what you already have and then maybe other areas wouldn’t mind being a part of this city. So many problems with so little results.

  • Truthy

    Whatever area Memphis touches turns to a crime infested ghetto. This is a good law that will stop the beast.

  • smith

    Memphis is dead, its going out of business, Until we get good leadership. only thing left in mempo is the freeloader fat cats, and the freeloader politician and there base.

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