Frayser Night Club Shut Down, Declared ‘Nuisance’

(Memphis) On Facebook, the club describes itself as a place to hear R&B, old school and the blues but the district attorney says “Club On Time” is more about drug dealing and gang activity. A judge shut down the Frayser night club this weekend calling it a “public nuisance”.

The signs on the club clearly post that it’s been closed down.

“It does look like a hole in the wall and there is a hole in the wall,” said Derick Johnson.

Despite what the place looks like, as a Cowboys fan, Derick Johnson says he likes to hang out there, “Yeah a lot of fans come here. We have fun in there. Drink beer.”

No drinking is going on there now. The organized crime unit for the Memphis Police Department says it did an undercover investigation there for two years and witnessed all kinds of things. They say they saw gambling, drug dealing, fighting, and illegal sales of alcohol. Not only that, they say they witnessed gun violence and a bartender dancing topless for tips.

“To be honest with you, when I come here, I don’t see none of that,” said Johnson.

“I know its crowded on Friday night,” said Deborah Goudy on Overton Crossing.

Those who work and live nearby say they haven’t seen anything out-of-the-ordinary.

WREG went by the club owner’s apartment down the street to see what he had to say.

“We are doing a story about the nightclub being shut down,” said Reporter Sabrina Hall.

Shasta Taylor shut the door.

The district attorney says deputies served Taylor Saturday the court order shutting the club down.

“He’s a pretty decent guy. He’s a cowboy fan so what can I say?” asked Johnson. “I can’t say nothing!”

For now, football season is over and Club On Time is closed.

The place is going to remain closed until Wednesday when Mr. Taylor is expected to appear in environmental court.

Under Tennessee law, the DA has the authority to bring civil action against any business deemed a public nuisance.


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