One Killed In Crash At Pleasant View And Thomas Road

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(Memphis) Memphis Police are investigating a crash that happened in the 1800 block of Pleasant View and Thomas Road Sunday morning.

Police say a 2003 Red Mustang was traveling west on Pleasant View when it hit a 1990 Black Mustang that was turning left onto Thomas Road.

The driver of the black Mustang, 19-year-old Keleian Braden, was pronounced deceased at the hospital.

No charges have been filed at this point in the investigation.


  • brenda

    My heart goes out to this young man family and his girlfriend. May God carry you all through this tragic time.

  • Alexis

    It took the ambulance,police,and fire truck almost 20 mins to arrive at the scene.The people who where there to help kept giving him CPR until the ambulance arrived.My heart goes out to them.

    • joe

      Just to let you know from the time we, the ambulance crew, to get on scene from the time we recieved the call was 7 minutes. Either way, this death was a tragedy.

  • John T

    I saw the whole thing its tragic, thanks to the people who stayed at the scene and tried their best to help! God bless you all and the families affected!

  • dick

    Well for one they drag race there almost nightly. Also have you been on pleasant view at midnight ? It is a street with nothing but businesses so there is no traffic. And they were both in mustangs and if you read the comments of those who were there they thank those who stayed and helped. Which to me is consistent with there being several people there watching drag racing which like I said is a normal occurrence.

  • Hilary

    How dare you think they we’re drag racing just because they had mustangs. That’s the most stupid, idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. He had other passengers in the black mustang. They were on their way somewhere. Didn’t you read? Or did you just stop and see “mustangs” and just assume? It was a crash. People will come. The girlfriend’s parents or the driver’s parents would be there. Strangers would want to see what’s going on. Don’t just assume that just because of the type of car they freaking have. You’re going to look stupid.

    • James

      Ummmm…. It’s Saturday night on an empty street where people go to watch street racing. And Pleasant view is one of those spots where they go late at night to street race. Lots of Mustangs along with other cars go there to street race. It’s not rocket science. They do this every Saturday night.

  • kb09eclipse

    Whoa whoa whoa. Let’s get something straight. Neither of you know what your talking about. Nor does WREG. I was there and the car landed 5ft in front of me. So heres the turth about the situation, YES, 100+ people hangout on pleasent view rd on any given Saturday night, of those people 20+/- decide to get out in the middle of the road and act a fool. Judt like theae 2. First off the red mustang was doing an EASY 120mph+ trying to show out. But what WREG nor any other news station has mentioned is that keleian(deceased) was not “pulling onto pleasent view” he was doing donuts in the middle of the intersection when the red mustang hit him. BOTH are at fault. But the news only makes it look as though it’s the “street racers” fault just like with 20year old jessi moore, they never mentioned he was Intoxicated when he pulled out in front of the 2 cars racing. But of the 100+ out there maybe 20 or so are the ones to act fools. The rest of us just sit and talk cars and are smart about the racing and take it to the track.

    • James

      I don’t know what I’m talking about? I never said nothing about the spectator that got killed or anything in that matter. I just heard the story from a friend who told me about the accident that happen on Pleasant View with the two mustangs. I use to go out to that area on Sat nights but I haven’t been there in a while so I know what goes on over there. And now since that accident happen over there. You can be sure that the MPD gonna shutdown that area just like they did with Airpark.

      • La'Shawnna Watson

        NO, you DONT KNOW WHAT YOURE TALKING ABOUT, I Was there when i saw my baby get killed. talk what you know

      • James

        Ok first off calm the hell down. Second read my post. I never said nothing about the spectator who was killed. I don’t know what happen out there. I just heard about the two Mustangs that was out there racing an the spectator was hit during the drag race. So AGAIN. Read my fucking post!!! Before you speak out against me.

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