Trial Date Set In Cemetery Abuse Case

Jemar Lambert

Jemar Lambert

(Memphis) Jemar Lambert is set to go to trial July 25.

Lambert is the owner of Galilee Memorial Gardens and is charged with abuse of a corpse for allegedly burying multiple bodies in the same graves.

Documents show the cemetery appears to have run out of room, so bulldozers were driven over caskets to crush them and fit multiple people into one five-foot-deep grave.

Garland Watkins found out his deceased wife is not only missing from the cemetery’s computer but also on the grounds.

Employees pried open casket after casket, trying to see who is inside.

“They leave your loved one’s body on a platform where they have a revolving door of funerals going on and I’m not sure if she was buried that day or not,” Watkins told us.

His high school sweetheart of 35 years, whom he still loves to this day, is somewhere out there.

Prosecutors have also charged Corey Taylor last night for allegedly helping Jemar Lambert hide the crime going on in the cemetery.

Investigators tells us Taylor admitted to knowing which graves in the cemetery held multiple bodies, and that he was also around when Lambert used backhoes to crush caskets.


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