Titans Release Chris Johnson

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Chris Johnson

(Nashville, TN) Titans running back Chris Johnson has officially been released from the team.

There has been speculation for weeks Johnson would be cut.

“As an organization, we want to thank Chris for his contributions to the Titans. Chris produced many memorable moments, broke franchise records and was durable over his six year career with our team,” Titans GM Ruston Webster said in a statement. “We have had an open dialogue with Chris’ agent, Joel Segal, over the last few weeks, and we appreciate the patience and professionalism they have shown throughout this process. We made an effort to trade Chris but were unable to do so.

“We wish Chris the best and thank him for the six seasons he spent with us.”

Johnson was drafted in the first round (24th overall) by the Titans during the 2008 NFL Draft.

A speedy back out of East Carolina, many were surprised when he went that high, primarily because there were concerns about him being an every-down back.

CJ2K, as he came to be known, put those fears to rest quickly.

Johnson ran for 1,228 yards his rookie season and scored nine touchdowns. He then followed that season up with a mammoth 2,006-yard rushing season (2,509 yards from scrimmage) that earned him his moniker.

Though he hasn’t been consistent on a game-by-game or carry-by-carry basis, Johnson’s topped 1,000 yards rushing in every single one of his NFL seasons.

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  • Chris Williams

    These black athletes need to be educated that they are being used for their athletic ability to make the white man rich. And once they’re used up, they’ll get cut. These owners don’t care about them. All they see are dollar signs $$$$

  • badinfluence

    Everything is black and white with you isn’t it Chris Williams? You are a racist thru and thru. C J made more money in the 6 years he played ball than the average white man will make in a lifetime. How are you going to “educate” that? Mabe if you had some education, you could do better in life. Just reading your comments on the various articles indicates that you are uneducated and have been held back all of your life. Even the uneducated can do well in life if they will work hard. Every factory or business in this area is STARVING for someone that will work hard. Hard workers are the ones that get promoted because of their efforts.
    People that work “smart and not hard” are the ones that get passed up for promotions because their work falls short of what is needed to do the job at hand.
    Your “racist” excuse won’t work any more….people are tired of carrying your load along with their own

  • Chris Williams

    How many nfl owners are black?? So him making money than the average white man is null and void. He’s still being “used” to make his owner rich. If you can’t see that then you “sir” are blind. As well as stupid

    • Thomas H. Evans

      Now you know as well as I know that there aren’t any Black NFL owners because the blacks who have money and are able to own a team tend to use their wealth for bragging rights rather than do something with it. There aren’t many Magic Johnson’s and Michael Jordan’s out there who are willing to put their money where their mouths are. Yes, there are probably many black men or women out there who are financially able to own an NFL Franchise, but where are they; nobody is holding them back but themselves. If you have the money, and yes it takes a bundle, then you can own a team, but like Chris Johnson and many other blacks they would rather spend their money on Gold Teeth and Guns. I am a not so wealthy black man, and I know a lot of wealthy black men and women, but how many of them even own a business let alone an NFL team. Like the black bishop in Atlanta, they like building big homes so they can brag about them, yet he has kids and people associated with his church starving. So stop the pity party about blacks not being owners in the NFL, and the players making bundles of money for them; they are both making bundles of money, one as an owner and one as a player, lets just hope the player had sense enough to put some of his money aside for times like Mr. Johnson is about to embark upon.

    • Joe Bo

      Chris the NFL is a business just like McDonalds, Home Depot, and GM. If you watched the last game, “the SuperBowl”, then you should know that Blacks are not the only athletes on the field. Furthermore, to imply that they are uneducated, ignorent.

  • White Kracker

    Read what Chris wrote on the cemetery article. I’ve thought that way for years. Look at Memphis and the way the country is being led.

  • badinfluence

    I read that comment on the cemetery article along with a lot of his comments on other articles. Chris is a lost cause, he is always right and all white people are wrong.

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