Straight Line Winds Cause Damage And Power Outages In Panola County

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(Panola County, MS) The storm system that spawned injuries and damage in Coahoma County also left its mark on Panola County early Friday morning, where 14 hundred people were still without power by noon.

In the town of Como, power was out for most of the morning. People were just thankful no one was hurt.

It's not the wake up call Dan Smith from Como, Mississippi expected Friday morning.

"All of the sudden the power went out and then I heard a crack and the tree hit the house," said Dan Smith.

That's when smith said straight line winds toppled a huge tree next to his house,  providing him with a new "skylight" and a lot of water damage.

"It rained. It's still raining in the dining room, yes. The water poured in for several hours," said Smith.

Smith is glad he was listening to his weather radio.

"There was a severe thunderstorm warning for several of our counties. So I knew the line was coming in," said Smith.

The powerful storm knocked Como off the power grid when a large tree took out the town's major service line and blocked a railroad track.

Utility crews were able to get power back to some sections of main street before noon.

Wayne Weaver finally had a reason to use the generator he bought four years ago.

His yard is full of branches, the utility pole in front of his house is dangerously close to falling.

The pole cracked in half when the limb's weight became too much for wires to hold.

"the top of the pine tree, it looks like it busted out. And when it came out it hit the powerline going to our house and my neighbor's house," said Wayne Weaver.

The damage wasn't limited to Como.

Johnson Chapel Church in Courtland, Mississippi, has a large hole in the roof.

Thankfully only one person was hurt in Panola County.

Como Police Chief Earl Burdette said advanced warning kept his town's folk safe.

"It was a good heads-up from News Channel 3, to be prepared. and we were prepared," said Chief Burdette.

At one point there were nearly two-thousand utility customers without power in Panola County.

The head of the Panola County Emergency Management Agency said there's no indication that Friday's damage was caused by anything other than straight line winds.