Children Wandering Motel Parking Lot While Mom Passed Out

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(Bartlett, TN) Three young children's lives were put in danger while police said their mother was passed out on drugs.

The kids were running around a motel parking lot near a busy highway.

Motel 6 will leave the lights on for you, but the woman who was staying in room 249 is taking the spotlight.

"Police knocked on my door roughly about 2:30 in the morning," Darin Lindman said.

Police were looking for two children seen wandering around outside the motel alone.

"It is it's wrong," Lindman said.  "It shouldn't happen."

Officers found the children's mother, 23-year-old Cassie Walker, passed out on the bed, high on drugs.

Walker told police: "I took three whole Xanax bars before I went to sleep."

"I don't know how I feel about that. There's no words to describe it," Lindman said.

The police report described a horrific scene with pills and knives left out in the open for her children to easily get a hold of.

"You hate to hear about child neglect. Basically that's what it is," Juan Wiamson, father of four, told WREG.

Wiamson was in the area on Friday when he heard about what happened. He said Walker needs to take responsibility for her actions.

"You wish the parents would just stand up and be parents," Wiamson explained.

Walker was taken away and put in jail.

"Basically you can't do anything but pray," Wiamson explained.  "As a community we should reach out more, educate more."

Lindman said she is getting exactly what she deserves.

"Never have children again and I hope you don't have the ones you have now," he said.

All three children are safe and now in the custody of the Department of Child Services.

Walker is expected in court on Monday.


  • mr matt

    people are perscribed 3 bars a day all the time! she was easily exposed because of her living conditions. this is very very common it just happens tucked up in a nieghborhood or apartment AWAY from the highway…idiot chick jeez weez

    • Neva Eva Always (@Neva_Eva_Always)

      Have you ever seen anyone on these? My friend takes 3 a day but separately and I wouldn’t leave a fish with her after one and she needs them. If she wanted to make herself that out of it then she should’ve left her kids somewhere else with people who would care for them. She probably didn’t feed them or who knows what time she took the pills. They were in danger either way. No way a doctor would prescribe to take 3 at once if she had kids. If he did then he should be in trouble too.

  • Kay

    Wake up is right ,very sad for the kids, what a waste of space and air she is and reproduced of course and look where they are, poor kids.
    They don’t stand a chance

    • tom harris

      All so pitifull for the children. If we only knew though the home help from parents Cassie had in the years of her life before the terrible thing that happened that could have been death for the children. How many other children in the home where Cassie came from? That either in trouble now or will be before they grow up old enough to escape from there life style?Just seems there may be other sisters or brothers of cassie going down same road unless road is fixed! Where does it end until others die?Children or young adults who are parenting this way to say I’m sorry after the life of one is taken?No help in this sort of happenings to follow these problem parents back to the home to eliminate another real sad ending happening?concerned parent who believes the whole book should be looked from cassys home life to now?Where are the grandparents of the children to help to eliminate this not happening again.Investigate the whole problem and what is she doing at a motel by herself,not at a home of the family? A lot of questions here.

  • toohless trying to whistle dixie

    Couldn’t make a comment about the person being black so you automatically assume their kids are mixed?? I swear these local news sites really attract the local bigots. Typical white trash.

    • Kevin

      At first I thought Memphis was full of evil white folks and bigots due to the many childish and immature comments posted on this cite daily. But during my investigations I have found that it’s not the case at all. You have one or two people that have waited for their mom to leave for work and then get on her computer and spew these childish racist comments just to see if they can get the different races mad at one another. Please excuse these people because most of them are not educated, incest is a way of life, and live in Mississippi, Arkansas, or some backwash part of Tennessee ….so please understand that it’s just a few dummies that are too much of a coward to speak his/her mind in public …. don’t blame them because they don’t know any better. Blame WREG for letting them post that mess …

      • luvbreamfishin'

        @kevin: memphis is also full of evil black bigots also,,but you always seem to say nothing about that….typical…

  • Chris

    1) The police shouldn’t have said that.
    2) The policemen’s mother shouldn’t have passed out on drugs.

  • HaterLover

    She should have sold her kids to the Dope Man, all she had to say was hey Doctor Steve since I’m making you rich just take my kids and give me another Rx. See she didn’t have to buy it from a street dealer at lease 1 of those kids Doctor Steve.

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