Memphis Gang Member Says “Put Down The Guns!”

(Memphis) A Memphis gang member says enough is enough!

He’s using Facebook and going door-to-door to let younger gang members know murder isn’t the answer.

“It’s time for somebody to step up,” Frank Gotti said.

He joined a gang when he was 15 years old.

He said more than 30 of his close friends have been shot and killed, some before their 18th birthday.

Five years ago, he was shot six times trying to break up a fight.

Through it all, Gotti said he watched gang violence destroy lives, neighborhoods, and families.

A month ago, he created an anti-violence campaign.

“Everybody nowadays is on Facebook, so I just made my own page, and said, ‘Put them guns down and fight like a man’ Now, I got a thousand members,” said Gotti.

Gotti is working with younger gang members trying to get them to stay in school, get jobs, take care of their families, and understand guns aren’t the answer. He’s even offered to drive them to work and church.

He said gangs are like big families, and by staying in it, younger members are more likely to listen to him and learn from his mistakes. He can work closely with them to put them on the right path.

“As long as I change one person’s life, I’ll be satisfied with that,” said Gotti.

Because there’s satisfaction setting an example for your family.

“I’m trying to be a hero to my kids. I want my kids to look up to someone better, and not to someone on gang stuff. When my kids look at me, they look at me as an OG. I want them to look at me as dad,” he said.

Gotti said he is working with New Life Church and plans on reaching out to police.

Memphis Police issued this statement about his campaign: “Any effort made to keep juveniles from being injured or from injuring anyone else with weapons or in any other manner would be a good thing.”


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