Memphis Gang Member Says “Put Down The Guns!”

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(Memphis) A Memphis gang member says enough is enough!

He's using Facebook and going door-to-door to let younger gang members know murder isn't the answer.

"It's time for somebody to step up," Frank Gotti said.

He joined a gang when he was 15 years old.

He said more than 30 of his close friends have been shot and killed, some before their 18th birthday.

Five years ago, he was shot six times trying to break up a fight.

Through it all, Gotti said he watched gang violence destroy lives, neighborhoods, and families.

A month ago, he created an anti-violence campaign.

"Everybody nowadays is on Facebook, so I just made my own page, and said, 'Put them guns down and fight like a man' Now, I got a thousand members," said Gotti.

Gotti is working with younger gang members trying to get them to stay in school, get jobs, take care of their families, and understand guns aren't the answer. He's even offered to drive them to work and church.

He said gangs are like big families, and by staying in it, younger members are more likely to listen to him and learn from his mistakes. He can work closely with them to put them on the right path.

"As long as I change one person's life, I'll be satisfied with that," said Gotti.

Because there's satisfaction setting an example for your family.

"I'm trying to be a hero to my kids. I want my kids to look up to someone better, and not to someone on gang stuff. When my kids look at me, they look at me as an OG. I want them to look at me as dad," he said.

Gotti said he is working with New Life Church and plans on reaching out to police.

Memphis Police issued this statement about his campaign: "Any effort made to keep juveniles from being injured or from injuring anyone else with weapons or in any other manner would be a good thing."


  • luvbreamfishin'

    Yeah,,this will work sooo well. Gang member telling other gang members to put down the guns?? Kinda like Obama telling other communists to become capitalists?

    • luvbreamfishin'

      @Brian: IT IS NOTHING,,how many times has a gang member or some kind of “leader’ done this?? and the same result has happened,,,NOTHING…

  • The Baker Family

    Your right Brian, it’s better than nothing. We have to find the strength to start somewhere or all hope will be lost. This should be branched out for national support, to provide those who want to come forth protect from others who don’t.

  • mr matt

    yall have seen some of my negative comments on here about our city but i have to say this is a start. to bad so many have to go through so much before they make chioces that lead to a better path. hopefully he can save a few kids. if we all did maybe the next generation will have more hope.

  • blakspartan

    I’m with luvbreamfishin, this tactic isn’t new, the liberal way of thinking is to use a rapper or some active gang member to say put down the guns, or some lying politician, it has never worked. They need the national guard or a police unit but affiliated with Memphis telling them put down the guns or we will fire upon you

  • exotiicBandz

    Y’all sound dumb as He’ll he out here trying to protect our youth and y’all sound like y’all trying to keep killing them out……He is a positive role model for our community ain’t nobody else trying to do Nun….
    AND PLENTY of people in the community working has been gamg members Dr king faught so we could all be treated equally not to be killing each other I support hI’m 100% the only people who don’t are the ones who want the killing to continue………. PUT DOWN THE GUNS IT COULD BE YOU YOUR KIDS OR

    • Don

      He is a positive role model for our community ain’t nobody else trying to do Nun.

      I have to say that it should be the Mayor that is a role model, but he is too busy hanging out a the massage parlor’ where the drugs are sold. No help there.

      • Memph Pride

        I think some of you got it misunderstood. he is not a role model for the community he is trying to be a role model for his kids and what he is encourging others to do the smae. this brotha can’t do this alone no one can but i truely admire him for the message he is putting out. No Don the Mayor and no other politician should be our or our kids role model we as adults should set the standards for our kids and be their role models. I am with Gotti and will continue to do my part with my kids and if I can help one child to detur away from gang violence I feel that I too have done my part.

    • og frank gottie

      this was my own way of thinking!!! I’M in these streets seeing what’s going on, so I like all y’all.comments everyone has their own decisions!!O just made mine up!!! I would like to.react before it’s one of my own. I have 7 boys almost 75 nieces n Nephew’s! I just want all our kids to be safe when they want to go outside and play!!! I have to tell my kids no they can’t go outside cuz I be afraid bullets might hit them!!!! THAT’S WHY I’M PUSHING THIS FOR THE KIDS WOMEN ,AND ELDERS!!!!!! Thank y’all for even.caring. Itmean alot!!I know I can’t change things overnight but slow progress is better than no progress!!! Feel free to speak your mind!!!!7

      • Wisdom

        Brother, I applaud you for your time and your effort. You are man enough to start and that means everything. You have my support. Thank you.

  • midtown Washington bottom

    That’s what’s up bra what you doing is a start the youth getting out of hand streets is all some of us know life getting worser the youth need a real street legion to speak up sometimes the speaker is. The mouth peace the man upstairs is using to get through the youth big bra dont quit you got my vote

  • Bluff City Conscience

    I would love to read about how he made the decision to turn his life around. Maybe it would be a useful tool for the youths that are seemingly left behind.

  • Wisdom

    Bill, I was just thinking the same thing about you!!!! What a coincidence!!! Now, go ahead and do that for me. Someone will clean it up.

  • NinaWest

    I’ve met him a while back in person I can truly say he has done a complete 360 i joined a gang at 13 I’m now 25 with a son that is 4 I’ve made solo many bad decisions in life but I’ve also learned from them and my mind is so much stronger than what it use to be some may say he’s doing this for publicity I think he’s doing what a lot of others are afraid to do or don’t know the first step to getting things done I think we should all get together and make a change peer pressure is at an all time high right now and its going to take a few more than just him to get this stuff together we need our communities and our children back and we need our parents to help

  • Neicy Jefferson

    It is a good thing that someone step up to say something about putting the Guns down. Cause too many ppl are losing their life. My uncle was Murdered in Memphis and they still haven’t found the ppl that killed him. Weather he is a gang member or not He made a decision to step up and say let’s put the guns down,fight like a man! When I was growing up we settled our difference by fighting with our Fist not Guns. So Frank Gottie I got your back, let’s get these guns off the street.

  • Jim

    Someone once said, cleaning up the gang situation is like picking up garbage. If you stop picking up garbage, what a mess. If you stop trying to stop gang violence?

  • All for the kids

    I support you Mr. Gotti keep up the good work!I would love to hear what made you want to change

  • G8TTIE Family

    We behind you all the way.I’m proud just because you to my Og.You always taught us to think postive. I’m ready for change

  • genella

    I just don’t understand why ppl talk so negative about what my brother is trying to do. It shouldn’t matter who or what he is for anyone to stand by his side. For once in your life give someone chance. If u believe in God then u would believe In what he trying to do. He doesn’t want publicity or your freaking money, so kick rocks and die. If he said that this what God has for him to do let him do Gods will because you negative people sure aren’t. Leave him alone and let him do what he’s doing. Support it or sthu!

    • Jim

      He will never get them all to lay down their guns, but if he gets just one or two, or praise the Lord, 3 to stop the violence, SUCCESS! One life changed maybe keeps that one from destroying the lives of the victims and their families, and yes, even his own family. One put down weapon maybe saves hundreds or thousands of people from needless grieving. I say we need more like him, men with ways and means to make a positive difference.

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