Man Indicted For Killing Unborn Child Of Ex-Girlfriend

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(Memphis) A Memphis man has been indicted in a shooting last November that left his pregnant ex-girlfriend injured and killed her five-month-old fetus.

Jonathan Turner, 32, the father of the child, is charged with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder.

The shooting happened November 25, when Darmeisha Gross was walking near South Parkway and Wellington.

Prosecutors say Gross tried to run but was shot in the lower back.

Gross told investigators she was on the ground when Turner fired four more shots.

Gross said she pretended to be dead and when Turner left, she flagged down a car for help.

She was taken to a hospital in critical condition where her unborn child was pronounced dead.

Turner is being held without bond in the Shelby County Jail.


  • David Carter

    The killing of any unborn child or fetus. Is first degree murder and not legal murder(abortion). This city and nation is filled with Jesus. Jesus can’t work it out. Try another god of equal,Zeus, sun god or create your own.

  • luvbreamfishin'

    This city needs military style law enforcement in every seedy crime ridden neighborhood and city area,,,

  • mr matt

    tiger you got comment of the day on that one!! if we had daily nominations for comment of week and month you are nominated and win hahaha

  • Hope Arias

    WOW….How is it different for a woman to have an abortion and kill her own baby, but when someone else kills it its murder? What is wrong with our country? Women kill thier fetuses everyday, and its legal. Come on people. Shouldnt we hole the SAME justice for ALL people?

    • Loretta

      Here is the difference. Choice is an issue left to a woman and her doctor. In the US, this is legal. However, shooting a pregnant woman (in the back no less) which results in the death of the fetus is illegal. If you would like to be even more logical, if you are pro life, how do you justify government sponsored murder of human beings on death row? My first example is an medical issue between a woman and her doctor. Capital punishment is not. Tea party folks need to learn what it means to be logical. Unfortunately, I have no hope that logic will ever enter into right wing politics.

      • JustMe

        The difference is that capital punishment is for criminals that have no place in society. Left wing hypocrites seem to ignore this difference. Regarding abortion- you state that it is a choice between the woman and the doctor. When does the fetus have a say in the matter?

  • Robert

    The RTL needs to run with cases like this. Abortion regardless of how or who does it is murder.. The courts need to be either all in or all out of whether an unborn child has rights or not. If the unborn hss rights or can be the subject/victim than how is abortion legal??

    I am strong pro LIFE … I agree with the charges just not the mixed messages!

      • Jaded1

        They do donate enough money as is if they work. Welfare doesn’t magically appear out of nowhere.

      • Deb

        Ann, you are deceiving yourself if you think women who “cannot afford” children are the ones obtaining abortions. These are the ones who pop out a child every year! I’m so sick of people using this as an excuse to justify killing unborn children. Murder is wrong, I don’t care how convenient it is.

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