Judge Joe Brown’s Case Is Getting Special Treatment

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(Memphis) Friday, the state started searching for a prosecutor for TV personality former Judge Joe Brown's contempt of court hearing, which was supposed to be held this morning.

The hearing was cancelled, because no Shelby County judge or prosecutor would touch it.

Brown is a former Shelby County judge and is running for district attorney.

"I have never seen an appeal of a contempt of court come to this court before," said Richard DeSassure, Chief Administrative Officer for the Shelby County Criminal Court Clerk's office.

That's because when you appeal a case, most of the time, it goes to the Court of Appeals.

This time, it's heading to the criminal courts, because that's where Judge Joe Brown's attorneys filed their motion.

Brown was arrested last month for inciting a so-called riot in a juvenile court room. He was let out hours later on his own recognizance.

Now, Brown's case is getting special treatment.

The state assigned Judge Paul Summers from Nashville, and the D.A.'s conference is trying to find a prosecutor from a nearby county.

DeSaussure said that's rare.

"It's election year. Judges are running for office, the [district attorney] is running for office, and Mr. Brown is running for office, so that's made it a very unusual matter," he said.

Right now, Judge Summers is deciding when this case will be held, or if he wants to ask both sides to write their arguments and not even hold a hearing.

If the judge finds Brown guilty of contempt of court, he could spend up to 10 days in jail.

It could take up to six weeks for Judge Summers to make that call.

In the meantime, the state hopes to have a special prosecutor selected by Tuesday.


  • marie mcclaine

    This is beyond ridiculous. I will.just say this. if people elect hollywood as da i know for a fact shelby county judicial is nothing but one big joke. Why doesnt this clown just fade off into the sunset and let weirich do her job.

  • Breggetta Maravilla

    In what way is Judge Joe Brown getting special treatment? I heard the tape recording of what happened in the court room. Judge Joe Brown was only stating his rights and let the other judge know the he was out of order. The media is up to some dirty tricks as usual…

    • JJazz

      A lawyer (and that’s all Joe Brown was in this situation, a lawyer representing a client in Juvenile Court) has absolutely no business telling a presiding judge that he’s out of order. If counsel has a problem with a judge, he can file with the Board of Judicial Conduct. You don’t get to stand in front of the Court telling off a judge.

      • chia pet

        He wasn’t even there as a lawyer. He was just visiting the J. Court system and was appoarched by a woman who wanted help. How convenient for this to occur at such a time when this dumbass is trying to find another job.

  • chia pet

    This was a part of his plan to stir up a name for himself since he is running for an office. We white folk need to start fighting back.

  • John T. Dwyer

    What everyone seems to be missing is the fact that every Judge found reason to recuse themselves from this case, and the District Attorney General could not find one member of her staff to represent the state in this case, in a fair and equitable manner.
    What this fact says to me is that none of these people could uphold their sworn oath to do what they have been elected to do!. That is, hear in open court (or prosecute a presented case) based upon factual evidence. They readily admit by this recusal that they cannot weigh the evidence of this matter in an impartial and fair manner.

    Mr. Brown does have the right to excercise his (constitutionally guaranteed, by the way) right to redress the state for his perceived wrong. Whether in writing or verbally presented, he does have that right. WE all do!
    Maybe he was a lot more vocal than most of us would be. However, maybe because of his familiarity with the system he was more demonstrative in his opinion.

    It does frighten me that our local judicial officials cannot do what they have sworn to do, and that is to treat everyone equally, based upon the iron clad facts presented in open court. Emotionally detached, eager for the truth, and devoid of any shadow of partiality or prejudice.

    I admit I am a very heavy idealist. I have been told that many times. That being said, I do believe that justice should be equal for both the mighty and the weak. I also believe that any of these officials who felt faint at the idea of rendering justice for Mr. Brown, would do better working on some used car lot, as opposed to making 6 figures a year doling out their own sense of reality TV justice.

    NOTE TO MR. SUMMERS: Have the arguments reduced to writing. It reduces the foolishness and it also prevents any of these officials from injuring themselves hiding under tables and in closets.

  • marie mcclaine

    Ok Mr. Dwyer what u are apparently unaware or just not thinking. Joe Brown is running for Weirichs position as DA…..say the people theDpeople of shelby county tn elect that clown for DA. if one of those judges had ahreed to take his case….the clown gets elected takes one look look at the one judge who agreed to take the case….brown tells said judge YOU ARE FIRED!!!

  • Lookup Somelaw

    Pretty sure if elected DA he couldn’t go fire judges. It’s not the Apprentice but your response made me giggle.

    • marie mcclaine

      Well alrighty then!!! so dwyer is a judge here! how was i supposed to.know?!! no wonder u said i gave u a giggle. i open mouth insert foot. appropriately blushing…lol im famiar with extremely.few judges.names. alas i sure cant say the same for my son…he probably.KNOWS Dwyer. lastly for all i know half of u are mpd/ocu for all i know (shrugs) lol

  • Scooter

    Judge Dwyer, what you stated was very factual and informative information. However, as we all know the real truth doesn’t fit the sentence, and that’s just hard to swallow sometimes.

  • memphisnomore

    this speaks volumes about our judicial system– FIRE them all !! what the hell r they making 6 figures for & cannot do what they have been sworn to do, election year -clean house put someone in office who will do what they get paid 2 do , THIS IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST its B*&%***t…(only in Memphis, where crime rules )

  • John T. Dwyer

    I appreciate the title compliments, but I am not a lawyer or a judge. Merely a citizen who try’s (and wants) to make this a better world for all of us.

  • R. Perry

    Judges in Tennessee? I know a Judge who granted a divorce to a lying male against an unemployed wife. Guess what, the Judge let the husband take out a 100,000 2nd mortgage on the house the Judge award to the wife and she has was ordered to pay that back. The money went to pay the husband/s lawyers and probably the Judge. The sad part is no lawyer will take her case because they know the lawyers and the judge. Husband is a crook. He also filed his income tax in his son’s name one year and claimed he gave his church $15,000. And has been collecting disability checks for years from the Military and there is nothing wrong with him. This corrupt Judge needs off the bench and some decent lawyer should take this woman’s case.

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