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Veggetti Promises To Turn Veggies Into Healthy Spaghetti

(WREG-TV) If you're trying to lose weight by ditching carbs, we tested a product this week that says it can help.

WREG's Corie Ventura tested the Veggetti, which says it can help you do just that, in this week's Does It Work.

Gail Churinetz is a search and development chef, fitness instructor, and half Italian - the perfect person to test the Veggetti!

"This product is something that would be perfect for those people trying to lose weight!..People can now have their pasta without having flour and gluten!"

Low carbs and gluten free,but what about the texture and taste? we decided to give the zucchini pasta dish a try!

The Veggetti has an hourglass shape with stainless steel blades inside for slicing. You can make thin or thick cuts.

Afew quick twists and we were making zucchini pasta within seconds!

"I think it's separating nicely and it's easy to use."

Then we tried the squash using the thick setting.

Again, super easy, and thick strands of squash in no time.

The texture and taste was spot on too!

Gail sauteed the zucchini in a pan with a little corn oil, garlic salt, and pepper, making it a perfect dish for lunch or dinner!

"I was very impressed! i say pass! One hundred percent pass."

Veggetti, you passed the Does It Work test!

If you have a product you'd like Corie to test, you can email her at

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  • Doug Hesson

    In the 70s,there was a minor stir over a plant that produce spaghetti like noodles inside a melon.Quite naturally,it was called “vegetable spaghetti” and wasn’t all that bad as I remember it.
    I’m not sure where it would be available now,though.

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