Tigers Point Guard Considering Transfer

U of M Tigers Memphis

Memphis, TN-The Tigers thin backcourt could get even thinner if freshman guard Pookie Powell follows through with his plan to transfer because of a conflict of interest with Tigers coach Josh Pastner.

The 5-10 freshman out of Florida was forced to miss this season because of academics and couldn’t even practice with the team.

Powell, who was a top 100 recruit out of high school, was expected to compete for the starting point guard job next season.

News Channel 3 has learned, Powell wanted to workout with former Tigers strength coach Frank Matrisciano, Pastner’s brother-in-law, who moved to Los Angeles.
Pastner was fine with that, but told Powell he wanted him to return to Memphis for the first semester of summer school on June second.  That’s a timetable Powell didn’t want to meet.

On Wednesday night, Tigers assistant coach Robert Kirby flew to Orlando to meet with the Powell family in hopes of getting Pookie to change his mind.


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