Cities Want Final Say On Allowing Guns In Parks

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(Bartlett) It's where we all head on these beautiful spring days to let the dogs run and the kids play.

It's as public as you can get, but is it a place where you should be able to bring guns?

“I just don't want them in the park there's no reason for them to be in the park there's too many children around,” said one park goer.

Lawmakers in Nashville are pushing through a bill which would take away a city's right to decide if guns are illegal in parks, all over the state.

The state wants to make them OK no matter what.

“If 99 percent of the people in Memphis say we don't want it, the 1 percent still have control,” said Mayor A C Wharton.

Wharton and a group of mayors across the state wrote a letter opposed to the legislation.

Wharton, who's a gun owner himself, says hunting's illegal in Memphis, so why would you need a gun in a park?

We spent several hours in parks and even a firing range and only found one person willing to go on camera who thought guns in parks were OK.

“I think most people who have the carry permit are going to be rational, so I'm not opposed to it at all,” said the law's supporter.

State lawmakers gave approval for guns in all parks in February.

A money problem sidelined it, however, and  most people out here hope it stays that way.


  • Freedomwasawesome

    Hey mayor no one wants to hunt in a park they want to be able to protect themselves from your crime problem. You do remember your crime problem right? You know all the criminals with illegal guns. And 99% of legal gun owners want the law to pass. The rest of thestate is doesn’t care what Memphis wants and niether do I. Try fixing your city then we might consider your opinion. Till then focus on Memphis.

  • ChrisH

    That has to be one of Wharton’s stupidest comments ever! The only reason people should be able to carry their gun in parks is to protect themselves from the thuggery Wharton allows to run rampant in this city! And to make matters worse, Wharton wants to make cuts to the MPD. Just to let people know, AC does not support anyone’s gun rights, as Wharton aligns himself with Bloomberg, in the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which has nothing to do with illegal guns, but everything to do with passing gun control legislation and keeping certain guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens.

  • mumbo jumbo

    Despite what many people falsely believe, the majority doesn’t get to decide what’s “right”. If that were the case, the National Civil Rights Act would never have passed.

    Quit making laws that hinder the freedom of law abiding citizens!

  • Nonya Bidness

    AC wants everyone to be beholden to him for everything that they do or want. If you want protection you have to go to him to get the police to patrol your neighborhood because he has removed your right to protect yourself. If you want to go to the park you have to get him to send the police there so it will be safe, and we all know that your request should be written on the back of the check you make you to his re-election campaign.

    AC! You are corrupt and your city is burning while you play your fiddle. AC! You are the captain of the Titanic, the water is up to your knees and you are still declaring that your ship is unsinkable!

    AC! Read the constitution.

  • Todd

    Guns in parks are already allowed in Bartlett so why is WREG sending a crew to a Bartlett park? If you want to pour gas on a fire take your film crew to a Memphis park where it is illegal to carry a firearm.


    Park or Not, i have the right to protect myself legally. Crime is everywhere>not excluding parks. Creating this law is only going to make THUGS start targeting innocent people in parks because they now know that you aren’t ARMED…*Good job AC>…YOU SHOULD BE FOCUSING ON OTHER THINGS THAN THIS….UNLESS YOUR GOING TO ENFORCE 24/7 SECURITY AT PARKS I’LL STILL BE PACKING WEATHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT..#DUMBASS

  • Doug Hesson

    I avoid Memphis city parks because I am not allowed to carry my lawfully owned and concealed firearm while patronizing them.
    Would it be possible to get the portion of my property taxes that fund the park service refunded since I am not allowed in the parks?
    I find Hizzoner’s comment about hunting in parks to be totally asinine and an example of how out of touch he is.Mayor Wharton has 24/7 police protection but does not extend that to the citizenry weho he is beholden to for his job.

  • Great Debater

    I will go on the record about the right of law abiding citizens to legally carry their firearms in municipal parks. I think that any legally armed citizen should be able to defend themselves in parks at all times.

    The prohibition of lawful carry of firearms does absolutely NOTHING to stop a criminal from walking into that same park and robbing, killing, raping, assaulting, or battering an unarmed citizen. Criminals by their very nature do NOT obey laws.

    Add to this reality that 1) Municipalities will NOT guarantee YOUR SAFETY in a public park, 2) will NOT maintain a saturated police presence in every park at all times, and 3) canNOT be held liable for their failure to protect your life, limb, liberty, or property while you are within a park, and it becomes CLEARLY logical that the law abiding MUST BE ALLOWED TO GO ARMED if they so choose in public parks for their own safety.

    I support the legislation that ensures that the State’s firearms carry policies preempt those ordinances that are passed by a municipality. The right to keep AND BEAR arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. The right to life, to liberty and the pursuit of liberty is ensured by that one right.

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