Alliano Rape Victims Speak About Lawsuit

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(Memphis) Meghan Ybos and Madison Graves are filing a lawsuit against Memphis and Shelby County, and spoke on camera together for the first time.

They are victims of serial rapist Anthony Alliano, and say the justice system allowed him to go on and victimize other women when they didn't test their rape kits.

The two women say they didn't want this to be a "Jane Doe" lawsuit.

“Instead of Jane Doe, we are Meaghan and we are Madison,” said Madison Graves. “I hope they will start doing things differently so  if this happens to another 12-year-old girl or 16-year-old girl that their kit will be tested.”

Meaghan and Madison were raped two days apart more than ten years ago.

They are putting their names on a lawsuit and sharing their story so something they call a disaster never happens again.

“She was number one,” said Graves. “I was number two. Everybody after us could have been avoided.”

In 2003, at just 16 and 12 years old, Meagan and Madison submitted to an invasive procedure so authorities could get Alliano's DNA.

Their rape kits sat on a shelf untested.

“It happened in ‘03 and it took until 2011 to get it tested,” said Graves.

In that time, Alliano went on to rape a handful of other women.

He's now serving 178 years in prison for the crimes.

Meagan and Madison are suing the City, Shelby County, as well as other criminal justice officials, who they say let them and Alliano's other victims down.

Twelve-thousand-and-twelve kits still remain untested.

“It made me sick to know that my kit just sat there,” said Graves.

Madison and Meagan wanted to show their faces so people know why changes must be made.

“They can see us and they can see the pain in our eyes and the hurt that we felt and I just think coming forward as us instead of ‘Jane Does’ it will make a bigger impact,” said Graves.

The estimated cost to test Shelby County's backlogged rape kits is $6 million.


  • John Snow

    And our good mayor keeps telling us crime is down, but we have victims like these two young ladies that did not see justice for years. Now the good mayor wants to cut the police force. I think it is best he call Bill Haslam and request the national guard to patrol the streets of Memphis. Would not be a bad idea to send in managers and fire everyone on the city council and mayor.

  • Paul Fischer

    This is what you get when you constantly reelected “King” Willie in Memphis and his “Prince” AC Wharton from the county for a along time. My question is: What is Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell doing about it from his end after he took over from AC?

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