Popular ‘Sisterhood Showcase’ May Not Happen This Year

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(Memphis) If you are one of the thousands of people who enjoy going to the Sisterhood Showcase every summer, this summer it’s not going to happen.

There's a lawsuit pending between Grace Magazine, which puts on the event, and two former employees.

“The showcase is only going to be postponed. It is not cancelled,” said Odell Horton, Jr., the attorney representing Grace Magazine.

Horton says Grace Magazine has filed suit against two former employees.

The founder of Grace Magazine, Tina Birchett, died last year and her daughter took over.

Problem is, Horton alleges, the editor and chief operating officer have been up to no good, “It’s our allegation the two key employees were unfortunately misappropriating funds or not doing what they should be doing in terms of their loyalty to the business.”

Horton says the two executives misused money, now owe money and refuse to give important vendor and supplier information to the company's new owner, Christina Stevison.

He says that makes it impossible to hold the Sister Showcase as usual, “She wants to make sure that the quality of the show that her mother, Tina Birchett, always put on is put on at the appropriate time.”

We reached out to those employees named in the lawsuit and they tell us they haven't received the suit yet so they don't want to comment at this time.

For now, the event Birchett worked so hard to create, featuring black women business leaders in Memphis, is in limbo.

Horton says the former employees will be handed the lawsuit either Tuesday or Wednesday and an injunction hearing has been set for April 14 at Chancery Court.

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  • Keisha Pearson

    Because minorities choose to host events that cater towards issues common to us does not make it racist. There were not any signs up reading”African American only” unlike the days of yesteryear. If you don’t like it, don’t support it. The chicken bill comment further let’s the world know that no matter how much progress we make, ignorance is always the stepping stone for regression.

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