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Pics Of Men Breastfeeding Get Attention For Tennessee Man’s Project

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(Clarksville, TN) A Tennessee man launched a campaign to make father‘s more aware of why their support is needed by mother‘s who breastfeed.

Hector Cruz, who is a photographer, was frustrated when he was not allowed inside classes his wife took for breastfeeding.

“We had a lot of issues, and I did not know how to help. I felt frustrated, confused and completely helpless at that point,” Cruz told WSMV-TV. “I knew if I felt that way, there were many other fathers facing that same struggle.”

Cruz started the Project Breastfeeding campaign which features men holding babies as if they are breastfeeding.

Many photos carry the “If I Could, I Would” slogan.

Cruz hopes dads learn their support is needed and also that the campaign reduces stigmas that can come with breastfeeding.


  • notsurewhat

    Its nice to see the fathers wanting to be more involved and I had no issues with women breast feeding discretely in public but these pictures are kinda creepy.

  • Long Gone

    Really/ This is something between a mother and a child. Women can think ahead and prepare a bottle or I see no reason why a mother cannot excuse herself to breast feed. I do not wish to see a woman breast feeding, and do not understand why they would want to expose themselves in public if they could do otherwise.

  • No more espresso :(

    Very sweet idea…. but honestly, the best way a man can support his wife while she’s nursing is to use his eyes to see what needs to be done around the house (laundry, dishes, vaccuming etc), things she can’t do while she’s having to sit still with the baby or attached to a pump

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