Coworkers Pass It On To New Father Whose Baby Requires Extensive Medical Care

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(WREG-TV) Pass It On is a chance to remind ourselves of the good in people,
and this week, we once again have $900 to surprise our recipient.

This time, the extra $300 is thanks to the generosity of an employer who stepped up to help a co-worker with a young family.

Waiting in the lobby of National Bankers Trust in the Southwind area were playmaker Lee Smith and his boss, Stacey Henderson.

Little Ginny Rose hasn't been in this world very long, but she's had a rough start.

Born two months premature, she's been receiving extensive care ever since.

Her parents are just starting out, and the bills are mounting.

Lee wants to Pass It On to Ginny's dad, Brad Williams, who started working at NBT two years ago, although their friendship started long before that - in third grade.

Stacey says Brad is the kind of employee you want to help, not to mention he's fun to have around.

This week's extra $300 on top of the $600 dollars from WREG and our anonymous donor came from NBT.

When we go to Brad's cubicle, his jaw shows he's surprised.

Ginny Rose is just starting her life, but she's already surrounded by support from people she may never meet. That's passing it on.

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