Council Members Uphold Legal Fight With Shelby County Schools

(Memphis, TN) City councilman Lee Harris stood up and said enough is enough.He asked the city council to try to shake hands with Shelby County School Board members.

He wanted to show good faith and set aside some of the $54 million the school system says it's owed.

“The litigators and lawyers won. I wish we shouldn't have taken our cues from them but people disagree,” said Harris.

The council shot Harris down, the majority taking the advice of attorney Allan Wade who said council members shouldn't be talking about any of this in an open meeting.

“We should not be engaging publicly in discussion regarding not just litigation and negotiations.” said Harris.

Council member Shea Flinn says it's about more than just listening to the lawyers.

He and other council members stand firm that the school system owes the city money, more than $80 million the city has sued for.

“It does the community a disservice when it's put out there that we are a dead beat dad, said Flinn.”

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  • byebye

    well well, the city & da former judge joe both have something in common….both dead beats…courtesy of da city council. so how many have vacated da city today seeking asylum ?

  • John Snow

    How can you collect from a school system that no longer exists. I am so disgusted with the city council, they are not interested in children’s education but how much more money they can put in their own pockets. If the city has any sense they will vote everyone out and a few need to go to prison.

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