Can You Live Without A Car In Memphis?

(Memphis) Some City of Memphis leaders want you to give up your car for a month, or just for a day.

The “30 Day Car-Free Challenge” launched Tuesday.

The point of the challenge is to get people to see that it is possible to live without your car, but of course, many people we spoke to don’t want to give-up the convenience of driving.

Kyle Wagenschutz, who is the bicycle/pedestrian coordinator for the City, isn’t your average guy.

“I ride from Cooper Young every day and I have been commuting by bike the last six years,” said Wagenschutz in front of City Hall.

“For six years every day? And even when it snowing?” asked reporter Sabrina Shall.

“Especially when it‘s snowing,” he said with a laugh.

The avid bike rider is also heading-up the project for the City of Memphis and challenging people to give up their cars.

“We have 18 Memphians we are going to be following throughout the month who are going to be car-free for the entire 30 days.”

Participants have registered online and plan to blog about their experience walking, biking or taking the bus.

The challenge is open to anyone in Memphis who wants to see what it‘s like getting around without four wheels of their own.

“Idealism is fine, but you have to also apply reality,” said Garry Wierman.

It‘s safe to say Wieman, a MidSouth resident, won’t be taking his foot off the gas anytime soon.

“It’s not a bad idea but Memphis is not laid out for that sort of thing.”

“The roads are not built for bicyclers,” he said. “And buses don’t go where I need to go, they don’t pick up where I’m at.”

“Certainly, we still have problems that we have to address,” said Wagenschutz.

Wagenschutz says people who participate might find roadblocks living car free and they can blog, tweet, or post about those things too.

He says the challenge also allows the City to see what changes should be made to inspire more people to leave their cars behind.

“We want to understand the both good and bad, what is and is not working.”

If you want to take part in the challenge, you can give up driving for the whole month of April, a week, or just a day.

The City will be doing a drawing each week to hand out awards to some participants.

You can register here: or comment here:


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