St. Jude Patient Celebrates Birthday And Improving Health

(Memphis) Josh Hardy, the St. Jude patient whose family fought for and received an experimental drug, is celebrating his birthday.

Monday, Josh turned 8 years old, and the best present he could get is health is improving.

That’s exactly what his mother says is happening.

Josh caught a deadly virus after he got a bone marrow transplant, and doctors couldn’t find a cure.

After a fight that made national headlines, the small drug company Chimerix gave Josh an experimental dose of brincidofovir.

On her blog Monday, Josh’s mother wrote:

“Josh has been improving a little each day. The adenovirus is undetectable in his blood. The Brincidofovir did exactly what GOD intended it to do. And Glory to GOD, I heard that Chimerix MAY BE extending the study from 20 participants to 200. (Unconfirmed at this time). I am so grateful that this drug will be available to people in true need. Thank you again for everyone who helped in our #savejosh movement. Your efforts did more than just save Josh.

“We are still anticipating the return of Josh’s full kidney function. Believing that any day now we will be seeing an abundance of liquid gold. We appreciate your continued prayers.”

Doctors don’t know if the infection caused any permanent damage yet.

His mother is praying his kidneys, heart, and lungs will heal on their own.


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