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Obamacare Website Plagued With Issues On Day Of Deadline

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(WREG-TV) The Affordable Care Act has been plagued with problems since it first rolled out last October.

Monday, the last day for people to sign up, there were more issues.

People have been getting messages saying the site is full, which is one of the issues the Obama administration promised to fix.

It has been a rocky road for the Affordable Care Act, and it's finally coming to an end.

People in Memphis showed up to sign up so they didn't miss the deadline.

It looked like Black Friday in front of the main library Monday morning.

Dozens of people, including Sandra Duncan-Smith, waited for the doors to open.

"I waited to the last minute," Duncan-Smith said. "By us not having health insurance...most of the time we're sick we're doing home remedies."

The South Memphis mom of two sees the benefits, just like many of the people filing in to get help.

You could face a tax penalty by missing the midnight deadline if you are not covered by either so-called Obamacare or private insurance.

"There are lots of options available for people. For some people, there are subsidies to help them make their premiums more affordable," Audrey May, a City of Memphis Employee, said.

More than six million people have already signed up over the phone or on Healthcare.gov.

Duncan-Smith was number 11 and sat and waited for her turn to have a chance at getting a real doctor - hopefully, making those home remedies a thing of the past.

For people who started filling out those applications Monday but could not finish for some reason, they are going to get some extra time to complete them.

The enrollment event at the central library ends at 8 p.m. Monday night.

Organizers said they are helping those with appointments first, but walk-ins are also welcome.


  • yocuzisabigdud

    So glad my health insurance didn’t get canceled.

    Enjoy your jacked up plans liberal loons, most of you are going to pay out the nose for the ghetto rats too lazy to work to afford a plan.

  • john2397

    I would like to tell President Obama to please hold your OBAMACARE success celebration until October 2014, when the major insurance companies will find out how much will be the next year’s premium for the OBAMACARE. The way the homeless and below the income line Americans have rushed to enroll and occupy the medical offices and hospitals, the real insurance value for the middle class Americans may be doubled or more!!!!

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