Family Of Hit-And-Run Driver Reacts

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(Memphis) Prosecutors have charged a woman for running over a cancer survivor, killing him.

Police say Curteria Leuellyn hit 59-year-old Curtis Echols Saturday night and kept going.

They found her at her home in Orange Mound.

The suspect’s family says they are sorry for what happened.

The hit-and-run left behind lots of pain on Hugenot Street.

“They took my daddy from me, man. They took my daddy from me,” cried one his sons.

A father, who survived cancer, was killed by a driver who ran him over.

A day later, police arrested Leuellyn.

Her family tells us she got behind the wheel of a car drunk.

“She is tore up about it. She is distraught,” said Aketha Luelleyn, the suspect’s mother.

Her mother Aketha is trying to come up with enough money to get her out of jail.

“My daughter is down there afraid and scared. She has never been through anything like that.”

Aketha says her daughter was driving drunk down Deadrick when she lost control and took down a gate and then hit Echols, dragging him under the car.

He was already dead when paramedics got there, and Leuellyn was nowhere to be found.

“May Curtis Echols rest in peace. I am sorry it was a tragic accident. She didn't see him. Had she seen him, she would not have left that man lying like that,” said Aketha.

“They knew they had hit somebody,” said Randy Norris, a friend of Echol’s who says he saw the driver leave the scene.

Witnesses say Leuellyn and her passenger, Tonisha Thompson, knew they hit somebody, yet Echol's family members have found room in their heart for compassion.

“We lost somebody and I’m pretty sure their family lost someone, too,” said Echol’s niece, Shalanda Echols.

“I have seen their grief and I hate that for them and we`ve been crying too,” said the suspect’s aunt, Aliciza Burks.

Maybe the worst part of all this, the woman charged with killing Echols knew him - Echols was the father of her father's best friend.


  • Terrie

    oh please! she got caught this time. Both should do time for killing him & leaving the scene & being drunk!! ratchet!

    • 1midtownmike

      Drunk driver mama has to be the sorriest piece of garbage on the planet right now. I’m always amazed at how ghetto females run their mouth when a microphone and TV camera is placed in front of them.

  • Bb

    I am sorry it was a tragic accident. She didn’t see him. Had she seen him, she would not have left that man lying like that,” said Aketha.

    This lady is nothing but an uneducated amoral werlfare mama who has never done one productive thing in her life. And to sit there and say her drunk daughter would not have hit him if she saw him- right. Then why didn’t she avoid all those fence posts and other stationary objects. Oh thats right – that worthless POS was Drunk.

    Neither the daughter or mother could give a rats butt about what happended- their only concern is themselves. Bottom dollar says that this daughter is also a mama on welfare.

    Cut that Entire Family off All Public Assistance. Thye want to sit around and be dregs then let them do it on thier own.

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