College Degrees Not Paying Off For All

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(WREG-TV) It’s been a tough job market for some college graduates.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 260,000 college grads made at or below the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

Financial experts say the post-recession labor market is responsible for the low paying jobs.

The worst year was 2010, when more than 325,000 college grads made minimum wage.

Experts say things are looking up because 21-states have approved raising their minimum wage.


  • Thomas H. Evans

    Actually Computers and Robots are responsible for whats happening in the job market. Have you ever heard of so many cars being recalled before Robots replaced people? Cheaper is not always cheap, Toyota and GM are finding that out the hard way.

  • Hard Truths

    Everything that can be measured is not necessarily important.

    Not everything that is important can necessarily be measured.

    College is not to get a job. It’s to grow as a human being. It is, more often than not, an unavoidable prerequisite for being an educated, cultured human. No college is usually indicative of a lack of higher cognitive capabilities. In other words, it makes you a knucklewalking Tea Partier.

    A couple more generations of ignoring classical, liberal arts scholarship, and we will all be howling orcs. As so many are already.

    If you think college-educated people are bad, wait until you see life without college graduates. It will look a lot like Memphis City government.

    • Freedomwasawesome

      Sorry. I disagree with you. I didn’t go to waste my time learning things that’s were not related to my career field. It was a nessacary evil. No one I know went for enlightenment. We did it for better careers to provide a better quality of life for our families. I know very wise and creative people with no degree and I also know some that have more degrees than a thermometer and are no common sence idiots.

      • Hard Truths

        I believe it was Cicero who said — I’m paraphrasing — “My forefathers were farmers and soldiers, in order that I could become a lawyer. And I became a lawyer so that my children can be artists and poets”.

        You and I are expressing the two sides of a very old argument.

        Parts of my education have been hugely important in my career that I never dreamed would matter. That’s a good reason to take courses in a number of fields — you never know what is going to make the big difference — so said my late Dad. Over the past 40 years, I have realized more every day that he was right.

        Even if you get a good education in a technical field — I’m not talking about these bogus for-profit colleges that advertise heavily — it hurts no one to read Shakespeare.

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