Memphis Police Search For Shooting Suspect

(Memphis,TN) Memphis Police are searching for a suspect involved in a shooting that happened early this morning.

Officers responded to a shooting victim at St. Francis Hospital.

The person was reportedly at the Silver Spoon Night Club when he was shot by an unknown suspect.

The victim is in critical condition.

No arrest have been made.

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  • MikeBarret

    Has anyone called Crime Stoppers yet to report the shooter was a black male? If not I’m gonna call and get myself set up for the reward.

  • Wake Up

    Some dude… He’s racked up a huge body count in Memphis. They will clear a ton of crimes if they catch him.

    • Don

      everyone in Memphis knows what to problem is, but until you can get enough votes to vote the Memphis mayor and the council out the city will be just a larger ghetto.
      I would love to see the FBI would do some investigation about about the corruption going on in City Hall.

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