Learning How To Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse

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(Oxford, MS) Medical professionals in North Mississippi met to learn about ways to curb prescription drug abuse.

The Prescribe Drug Abuse Summit too place in Oxford Friday Morning.

The event featured presentations, and lectures on topics like how to more safely help patients with chronic pain or anxiety disorders.

The meeting is part of a new 5 hour continuing Medical Education requirement from Mississippi's State Board of Medical Licensures.


  • Melanie

    Some people are going to abuse drugs, no matter what. Studies are showing that efforts to curb the use of painkillers has led to a direct increase in the use of heroin. Health care providers need to focus on treatment for those with addictive personalities and quit punishing people with legitimate pain and anxiety issues by under-prescribing.

  • opiates (@opiates)

    Drug addiction and drug abuse are mutually exclusive terms and need to be used as such. Many people who are addicted to prescription painkillers are not drug abusers – they are simply patients who took the medicines they were given for a medical condition or post op. Reduce the stigma attached to addiction as the first step to recovery.

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