Four Stabbings Blamed on “Baby Mama Drama”

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(Memphis) Stephanie Graham is charged with stabbing three people inside a Hickory Hill home. One woman stabbed her back in self-defense.

The homeowner where this all happened on Ironwood Drive says it was all caused by "baby mama drama" that went out of control.

Graham is accused of showing up to the father of her child's home and stabbing him.  The man apparently called another woman whom he also has a child asking for help and a ride to the hospital. When she got there, Graham is accused of stabbing her too. This all happened in the middle of the night Friday. When the homeowner woke-up, the man's cousin, she tried to break-up the fight and was stabbed in the wrist with a BBQ fork.

The violence happened in front of the homeowner's children, ages 15, 11 and 4 years old. The 4 year old was so traumatized, she doesn't want to come home and is staying at her grandmother's house.

The homeowner says everyone's stab wounds needed stitches.

Graham has bonded out of jail with $10,000. She is due in court Monday for three counts of aggravated assault.


    • austinandjustin

      Excuse me but why? Apparently the woman showed up in the middle of the night and went crazy. Exactly what did the homeowner do to justify taking her children? Letting her cousin stay with her. How was he to know the woman was going to show up and stab him? The homeowner tried to break up the fight. That does not justify taking her children away from her.

      I don’t know why the woman showed up and went crazy, but the police will deal with her.

      • Arthur

        Remind us again, why the middle class white folks are leaving Memphis as fast as they can? Just like Detroit…..White Flight and CAN YOU blame them?

  • austinandjustin

    One of the poll questions on the side of this page is how do you think race relations are in the community. Judging by the comments on this article, they are very bad indeed.

  • whoyoukiddin

    No where does it say the kids were taken from the mother. The article states the 4 year old was traumatized by the incident and would not stay at home, but with her grandmother. I don’t know about any of you, but for a 4 year old who saw her mother stabbing people I don’t blame her for not wanting to go home. Now the other part that you should really be upset by is the woman has bonded out on $10,000 which I think is pathetic. Her butt should still be in jail on a higher bond not a measly $1,000 that was paid to get her out. She is the one who doesn’t deserve to have her child, not the others.

  • Kevin

    Another example of pure racist redneck garbage voicing their unwanted opinions. They need to place that attention on those trailer park meth heads and trailer park trash they sleep with every night ….

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