SCS Students Could Be Required To Carry Clear Backpacks Next Fall

(Shelby County, TN) Shelby County students could be sporting see-through backpacks next fall.

Administrators said schools with a high number of violent incidents will require all students to carry clear bags.

Administrators got the idea from Chicago Public Schools.

It’s called the “All Clear Initiative.”

They said see-through backpacks will reduce violence, because it will be easy to spot weapons and contraband.

Chief of Security Gerald Darling is behind the program, “Starting next school year, we are going to put it in our high incident schools.”

While the board still needs to vote on it and details are being worked out, here’s the initial plan: about 14 schools with the most violence will test out the new policy.

Darling is trying to get grant money and plan fundraisers to pay for the bags.

He said other schools that require clear backpacks have seen success.

Violent incidents are down, and students have more pride in their schools.

Critics said students will be at risk to have money, cell phones and other valuables stolen, because it’s easier to spot those things in a clear bag.

“Even if they carry a regular backpack they would be susceptible to that type of incident,” said Darling.

WREG called Chicago Public Schools to find out how successful clear backpacks have been, but as of Friday evening, they have not returned our calls.

Darling said these next few months he will work out the details, and the board should vote on it this summer.


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