Middle School Bullying: “Until Something Bad Happens, The School Won’t Stop It”

(Memphis) A Shelby County mother feels helpless after her daughter said she received death threats from a classmate.

The mother said she told police and the school weeks ago when she found the threats and a suicide note in her daughter’s room.

So far, nothing has been done.

“I don’t think they care,” said Latisha. “She doesn’t go to the restroom at school. She’s still scared.”

Wooten said her 12-year-old started receiving threats on social media in February when she enrolled into the 6th grade at Wooddale Middle and asked about a boy.

“I don’t think you need to come to school. We are going to beat you to death. We are going to catch you when you least expect it,” said Wooten as she read through some of the messages.

According to the police report, the bullies sent numerous messages on social media saying they were going to kill her with an AK-47.

One message was a picture of a casket.

The report was made on March 5.

Wooten said her daughter stayed home for three weeks and went to counseling.

She said the principal never called to check in on her.

“They are not protecting our children, because if they were, the little girl wouldn’t be at school,” said Wooten.

Shelby County Schools said it has zero tolerance for bullying, but since this happened online, they’ve turned it over to MPD. Police said they’re still investigating.

Wooten hopes something is done before it’s too late.

“Until something happens to her, that’s when they are going to get on it, but right now, they don’t care,” said Wooten.

Wooten is trying to send her daughter to another school, but all the schools nearby don’t have room, and transportation is an issue.

Since the threats happened online, criminal charges could be filed.


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