Lawmakers Set For Historic Retreat

(Memphis) For one of the first times in recent history, Shelby County Commissioners and Memphis City Council members will gather together and have a retreat.

It’s an opportunity for both sets of lawmakers in Shelby County to interact and build relationships.

“From time to time it is true someone on the council may make a swipe at someone on the commission and someone on the county commission may return the favor, but in general matter we’ve got a great working relationship,” said City Councilman Lee Harris.

He applauded new council president Jim Strickland for coming up with the idea for the two groups to meet ahead of several big issues that both will have to consider.

“We have our plate full with common interests, schools, litigation, education, Autozone Park, Kellogg’s and their workers out of work ” said Harris.

County Commissioner Heidi Shafer said you could also see cost saving as a result of the retreat.

She says if they can agree early on, there will be less attorney fees involved.

She’s also working on a plan where they look at making deals together, like buying vehicles and other services as one, and getting a lower price.

“I can’t see any down side to it, worst thing we could say is, ‘this isn’t going to work,'” said Shafer.

Some council members and commissioners have already said they will not make the retreat though, for various different reasons.


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