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Guilty Verdict For Man In First Of Three Rape Trials

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Michael Richardson

(Memphis) A Memphis man has been convicted in the first of three rape trials for him.

Michael Richardson of Rossville was convicted of raping a woman in August of 2012.

Police say the victim’s finger was nearly bitten off by Richardson.

The woman told police Richardson picked her up in the area of Jackson and National then took her to a rural part of Shelby County and attacked her.

She said he took $25 from her and pushed her out of the car.

Richardson’s DNA was on file from a 2007 rape and robbery case where he plead guilty to robbery and the woman stopped coming to court according to the Shelby County District Attorney.

Richardson was sentenced to three years in prison.

The DNA linked Richardson to the August rape via the victim’s rape kit and also to rapes in July and October of 2012.

Richardson faces 15 to 25 years in prison with no parole.



  • b12

    And his momma said they got the WRONG MAN!! Don’t think so. We as parents always want to think our young men can do no wrong, but DNA proves differently. SHOCK, you should of busted his butt a few times more when he was growing up instead of letting him run around THINKING he was a man. Good work, another one off the streets. Keep him in the jail now.

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