Disabled Vietnam Veteran Needs A Lift

(Southaven, MS) A decorated and disabled Vietnam War veteran just wants to be able to get in and out of his RV home by himself.

Howard Wagner lives in Southaven, and hopes someone will answer his prayers and relieve the pain he suffers every day.

A Purple Heart hangs from his chest. It is a symbol of the sacrifices Marine Corps veteran Howard Wagner made serving in Vietnam. Wagner’s leg was severely damaged when he was caught in a barbed wire trap.

“I caught it, and it cut the knee open,” he said.

Later, he would suffer a serious head injury in a crash training another Marine how to drive equipment.

“I had internal bleeding on the brain, eye nerve damage, and there was pressure on the brain,” Wagner explained.

Now, he lives in an RV in Southaven and struggles every day to get in and out of his home.

“I can’t walk up normal, because I can’t bend this leg,” he said, pointed to his bad knee.

Wagner has reached out to the VA to try and get some assistance, but they want to build a ramp.

Since he has to travel from one place to another in his RV, something permanent, like a ramp, just won’t work.

He said what would really change his life is an electric lift. He hopes an organization will step forward and help him step up, not just for himself, but all who choose to serve.

“I wouldn’t want to come on and say this is all for me,” Wagner said. “It’s not. It’s for everybody. It’s for all the veterans. These guys, these women… They earned it!”

If you or your organization would like to help Wagner get his mechanical lift, call (941) 284-9549.


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