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16 Months For Man Who Killed Puppy In Dishwasher

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(Memphis) Sixteen months in prison is the sentence for a Memphis man who admitted to killing a puppy by putting it into a dishwasher.

He is eligible for parole after about 5 months.

He could have faced several years in prison.

Marcus Curry, 27, pleaded guilty to felony charges of aggravated animal cruelty for the killing of “Daisy.”

Witnesses told police Curry put the puppy in the dishwasher, turned it on and left it running.

It’s not clear why they did not intervene.

curry was also indicted on misdemeanor charges of “cruelty to animals for allegedly leaving the same small dog, a mix-breed named Daisy, tied to the porch with no food or water prior to the dishwasher incident.”

Workmen found the dog’s body in a dumpster and notified police.

Curry also is accused of fraudulent use of his great aunt’s credit card, on which he charged $600 without her authorization.


    • Carmen Borden

      what’s more awful than his sentence? i’ll tell you. he is sentenced to 11 months in jail for the killing of an animal. (don’t get me wrong, i love animals.) but, the 16 y/o rich kid drives drunk, and murders 4 people and severely injuring 2, gets to go to a plush rehab. a man, (teacher no less) rapes a 15 – 16 y/o student over the course of some time, and he received 30 days (30 DAYS!) in county. (she’d commited sucide because of the pain she could no longer endure.) and this sentence is just? no way no how.

      • the real perspective

        It’s not putting it into perspective, the real injustice is in the fact that the other crimes resulted in grossly non-just sentences. It doesn’t mean that this crime should have little punished in comparison. It could have easily been a baby he put in there.

      • Sarah

        The man tortured a defenseless puppy….He deserves to hang!
        If this hurts your black feelings, so be it.

      • Chris McLaughlin

        This comment offers no “perspective.” All it demonstrates is am inconsistency in the justice system. One year isn’t enough for this dirtbag. And the other crimes you mentioned should have been prosecuted severely. Zimmerman should be in prison for the rest of his sick, pitiful life. This POS doesn’t deserve any defending.

  • BlueVelVet2002

    I am sure his momma is so very proud….Jerk. By the way Jeremy, I’ll be happy to help pay as well.

  • Donna Lisogorski

    This pos needs to be executed! F***parole And jail. Hope this punk gets his life taken away!

  • Denise

    the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior & we all know that it’s likely for people who torture animals to also move on to humans

  • Wow

    Are u kidding me????? Parole in 5 months!!!!! Precious little helpless puppy. Yes stuff his pos criminal self in the prison dishwasher. he will move on to innocent humans if he has not already done so. He deserves to be tortured

  • Bb

    Make sure that when he gets out he is not eligible to collect ANY type of Public Assistance. Do a crime no more public dime.

    You can bet this dirtbag has not worked an honest day in his life and never will.

    • akg

      sadly, out there somewhere, is a female that will gladly take him in so he can torture her children, have more children with him and he will happily take all her welfare assistance for himself. Too bad there isn’t a way to track who he “hooks up” with so their assistance can be cut off.

  • Early Grayce

    Look at him, he’s stupid but too ignorant to realize it. Probably a generation or two removed from a cotton picker, his intelligence barely more than the dog he killed. Hopefully someone in prison will make him their bich.

    • Carmen Borden

      and what generation removed from incest are you? you might want to start a support group as the president of the pet rock club, because that’s the level of your intelligence. that being said, hopefully, your bit*h of a female, will do the world a favor and swallow. no need for more J.A.’s such as yourself.

      • Sarah

        Now Carmen, take your EBT card to the liquor store and calm down. When you defend a puppy killer, expect a little heat bro.

  • Edward Nunyobiz

    wow people are sick it’s only a dog not a child since when does a dogs life hold more value than a human , murder of a human is around 7 years you can get 30 years for chopping down a cactus in arizona ,carmen is right. and get the racial epithets out of this this is an article about a sick individual not racially motivated hate crime

    • evette

      You know they are gonna come for you Edward for saying “its only a dog”. Because actually for most of them they have “special relations” with dogs and other animals.

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