Parents Try To Protect Pre-K

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(Memphis) Pre-kindergarteners and their parents dashed through the rain to get inside Westside Elementary to find out what will happen to pre-k at their school.

Shelby County Schools is looking at cutting the program from 40 schools next year, and Westside just found out they're one of them.

“Many people in Memphis and Frayser, they don't teach kids morals the school is the only thing that teaches them,” said Joseph Nenna, parent of three.

“They're closing schools and it looks like they're taking them out of communities where they need to be,” said Mary Shipp, a neighborhood activist.

The meeting was private, so much so, when Superintendent Hopson went in, he wouldn't say why he was there.

The Frayser neighborhood council had spread the word that Westside's program could go and asked the community to come out, talk to Hopson, and try to change his mind.

“Our board and administration have to make some tough decisions we're sensitive to people's particular needs but we also have to think about how whatever decision we make fits within the great theme of things,” said SCS Superintendent Dorsey Hopson.

Before the meeting the school system wouldn't even confirm there was a master list of pre-ks that would close.

There’s no final vote on the budget scheduled yet.