John Calipari On Josh Pastner: “There’s No Better Person To Do The Job He’s Doing”

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(WREG-TV) The Memphis Tigers didn’t make it to the Sweet Sixteen, and just about everyone has an opinion on their season – including a very familiar face to most fans, John Calipari.

WREG’s Mike Ceide spoke with the former Tigers coach one-on-one:


  • Cary Miller

    What a hatchet job Channel 3 just did on Memphis! It may be “news” to you, but most of don’t give a D what Caligula thinks about our coach. Condescending, crooked Sherman X should worry about his own lack of coaching skills and ask for forgiveness for the way he left Memphis. This “report” was downright mean-spirited by Channel 3. I am flabbergasted that you deliberatedly concocted such a BS non-story. You should be ashamed.

  • Sherman

    I agree this is terrible reporting asking a former coach about a current coach. Who cares what he thinks?

  • james suggs

    BS JOHN C did not sell MEMPHIS OUT.THE man took a job that he thought would be better for him and family.HE did not sign a life time contract with MEMPHIS.YOU people need to get over it and enjoy life .

  • badinfluence

    James is just a Ky fan. Seems that they all think the same way. Can’t say that I blame them, when califairy was here, I supported him. Everything would have been cool if califairy would have just taken his staff and left. The fact that he lied ( “Memphis is where I want to be”) and locked himself in his “castle” and re-routed the recruits while drawing his paycheck from the U of M…….no need to say more.

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