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‘Get Out Cracker’ Written On Wall Of Torched Home

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(Clarksdale, MS) John King says he's lost the only home he's ever owned, possibly due to a hate crime.

On March 22, someone set fire to his Clarksdale home, but not before they spray painted words and symbols all over the walls.

The words "Get Out Cracker" were sprayed on one wall.

Cracker is a derogatory term for white people, and King is white.

The Star of David is sprayed on two walls.

King isn't Jewish, but that symbol is used by the Gangster Disciples, who are active in Clarksdale.

On Facebook, King wrote, "It hurts to know u lost every thing for nothing or for someone to get [their] fix to get high with your stuff u had for 35 years or more. I'd really would like to thank my neighbors for watching my house."

Some of King's friends believe this may have been a gang initiation and believe it should be treated as a hate crime.

King said he doesn’t know why it happened, but he’s taking his complaint to the FBI.

He has severe rematoid arthritis, making it difficult for him to walk.

But that physical pain is nothing compared to seeing his Clarksdale home destroyed by fire.

“I’ve lost everything that my grandparents gave to me. That’s more sentimental value to me than anything, and lost it all to the fire,” said King.

After the smoke cleared Saturday morning, King realized his grief and shock were far from over.

“The hateful words were on the wall. That even further upset me,” said King.

He doesn’t know why someone would burn his house or spray the hateful words on his wall.

He said he gets along with all his neighbors, black and white.

“I don’t believe I’ve done anything to anybody around here. I’ve got some of the greatest neighbors that you could ask for,” said John King.

King also said he has no doubt he’s a victim of a hate crime.

“My motto is, if you was willing to put something like that so you could see it, for people to see it, then I believe they actually meant it,” said King.

He said can’t live in the house because it’s so badly damaged. He doesn’t know yet if he’ll rebuild.

King wasn’t home when the fire started, but is concerned about his safety if he decides to stay in his home.

For now he’s trying to cope by leaning on his friends and his faith in God.

But he’s still angry and wants justice.

“I would like for the people who did this, definitely want them in jail. And I hope they never see daylight,” said King.

Clarksdale police and the city’s arson investigator are gathering evidence and trying to find who’s responsible for the fire and spray painting.

Clarksdale has seen a big jump in crime and violent crime in the past few years.


  • RitaB

    And yes,I realize you were quoting the misspelling. The proper way to handle it is to put the corrected spelling within brackets, e.g., “…for someone to get [their] fix to get high with your stuff [you] had…”

    I know you’re pressed for time, but sheesh

    • Sarah

      They, the black thugs also known as the Gangster Disciples. This is a hate crime, Kevin, And you know it. Spin it…but it’s still a hate crime.

    • Fenria

      Yeah, it couldn’t possibly be that blacks are just being racist, which they are most of the time, but get away with it because of people like you who preach that only whites can be racist. In reality, blacks are some of the most racist people I’ve ever met. I’ve met people straight from Korea who are less racist than blacks, seriously.

  • Arthur

    Where are Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton? Now this is a hate crime. Even the most liberal black man can see this.

  • Arthur

    RitaB, You forgot to space between yes, and I. Also, you failed to put a period at the end of your last sentence. May I suggest proof reading your posts?

  • Pat

    Kevin—- he has never posted or said anything racist. Shut your mouth about this if you can’t say something nice.

    • Brenda Johnson

      Pat, I’m thinking that Kevin meant they, meaning the gangbanging criminals in this case, are the racists. But I could be wrong, but that is how I read his comment.

      • tigerfan

        Brenda: Kevin is all over this website race baiting. He did not mean the criminals were posting racist comments. He meant the white victim was. Kevin believes in his small mind that black people cannot be racist – only white people can. And he plays that fiddle all day long on here. Read any story involving a black person and he is commenting on how horrible white people are. Sad life that poor Kevin has.

  • austinandjustin

    Mr. King I’m sorry this happened to you and your family. A fire destroys mementos that can never be replaced. Crimes like this are wrong. I hope they caught the guilty ones.

  • Jesse Sumpter

    If the white man was writing the n word on walls then all hell would break loose and everyone would be yelling foul but when it happens to the white man hardly anyone raises up.

    • Hard Truths

      A lot of blacks don’t see racial hate crimes in which they’re the perpetrator as any kind of big deal.

      They’ll justify ANY atrocity in the name of “payback”.

  • bu bye

    Dear WREG,

    Your message boards perfectly exemplify the reasons I’m leaving Memphis. In the last two days, between this article and the one about the father and daughter who were beat up by a mother and a group of teenagers, there has been so much hate spread on your comments sections. The blind hatred, ignorance, and blatant racism from both sides of the fence is just appalling. I will be moving back north, where things are far from perfect…but any place is better than this city and its “stuck in 1967” mindset. Never have I heard so much whining or finger pointing. Everyday someone posts calls to raise arms against others strictly due to race. Its 2014. Wake up, quit blaming others for you horrible lives, and take some responsibly for your lot it life. Vote out the poor leadership and politicians who only fight for their race, find some common ground, and be better neighbors, regardless of what color your neighbor is. I hope to see this city improve, but its doubtful. The educated and hardworking people are leaving this city, or at least should be. Soon this city will be left with nothing but the dregs. And the saddest part about this is, as soon as I click the post button, I will be called out by the very people who need to follow this advice. So good riddance Memphis. I look forward to reading about your demise from a thousand miles away.

    • Right Behind You!

      Awaiting transfer approval at work, and I am out of here, too. This is the worst place I have ever been in my life, and there have been many (including overseas).

      • 1midtownmike

        And so the tax base diminishes on a daily basis.

        When the projects at Lamar & Knight Arnold were opened some 40+ years ago, the church my parents attended in Parkway Village was involved with outreach programs for the public housing residents. It didn’t take long to figure out that those residents felt more grief than gratitude to those who were trying to help them.

        The church pulled the plug on their outreach program within a year.

        It is what it is. The truth may not be politically correct, but it’s accurate.

      • NCOWife2

        It’s sad that the two of you feel this way because it became clear to me immediately after moving back to Memphis over a year ago, that the only race baiting that you will find on such a large scale is on WREG (Solely because of one or two people with multiple accounts going back and forth). I began following the boards well before moving back and began having doubts about living in a place that was stuck in the 60’s. My friends begged me not to move back to this region of the south, primarily because of what we were reading here. However, my experience has been anything but negative.

        Over the years, I have lived in the North, East, and West and have had at lease one negative experience in each. Ignorance has no location, other than the person with whom it resides.

        Good luck, though:)

      • Hard Truths

        Living overseas is a blessing.

        An opportunity for personal and cultural growth. Something a lot of Mid-Southerners need, desperately. They might even hear English spoken correctly.

    • Ms Indianapolis317


  • marj413

    Well hopefully Eric Holder will be sure to launch a full scale investigation and press hate crime charges, as well as civil rights violations, against the perps once they are found (if they are found).

  • TPL

    It doesn’t say “Go home”, nor just “Get out”, rather, it says “Get out of town”. Either way, may the punks burn themselves, and prayers to the affected gentleman.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    When are people going to realize, especially our Law Enforcement, that GANGS ARE TERRORIST, they don’t like anybody, Black, White, Purple, etc. Until Gangs are treated like terrorist in this country like they are in other countries we can never rest. Daily we have at least one confrontation involving a gang, yet we drag them into court, slap them on the hand, and they are back on the street committing more crime. Until our Mayor, Police Director, and D.A. get serious about eliminating gangs in our communities don’t expect much to change. There is a way to get rid of them!

  • UtahFriend

    People hate me because I have blue eyes and I am blonde? Why? I don’t get it…. I just moved here. I have never hurt anyone.

  • Fenria

    If this had been white on black, it would have been headline news all over the country with a speech from Obama and a special task force set up to get to the bottom of it all. Since it’s black on white, it’s promptly just tossed down the memory hole because we can’t have anything upsetting the agenda that whites are endlessly out to get blacks, now can we?

    • Hard Truths

      Why are blacks not held accountable for hate crimes in Memphis and the Mid-South?

      Why do blacks, invariably, it seems, LIKE it that way?

      Do they think they have an entitlement to commit racial hate crimes that others don’t have?

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