Group Honors Work Of Women In Memphis

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(Memphis) For 30 years, Women of Achievement has documented the outstanding work of women in Memphis with essays detailing their journey to success.

More than 200 stories have been written, and this year, the third volume of essays will be unveiled.

The honorees are all local and the winners are nominated by people in our community.

One of this year's honorees is Margot McNeeley, the founder of Project Greenfork, "There are a lot of women in Memphis who are doing great work so I'm incredibly honored."

Project Greenfork is a recycling program for local restaurants .

"It bothered me to not see the restaurants not doing more for sustainability," said McNeeley who worked with a local chef to develop a six step certification process to help restaurants go green.

That includes recycling, composting and doing away with Styrofoam.

Felicia Suzanne's in downtown Memphis is one of 59 certified Project Greenfork restaurants.

Margot's vision is a reality and Memphis is a greener city because of it.

That's why Women of Achievement exists.

Their work ensures we always remember those who took a stand, took a chance and made something happen.



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  • Michael Einspanjer

    Joan Lee Nelson is a woman who has been overlooked. She founded Heritage Tours and the Underground Railroad Museum in Memphis. Joan Lee Nelson was arrested during the civil rights movement. She is still an unsung hero and Memphian.

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