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Stalking, Threats And A Celebrity: Memphis Man Charged

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(Memphis) Police slapped handcuffs on a man accused of harassing an ex-girlfriend for weeks, causing her to fear for her life.

It's a tangled web that involves stalking, threats, and a celebrity.

Threatening text messages saying things like "I see you," "Only God can save you now," and "Get right with God before it’s your time to go," fill Alaaeddin Diab's ex-girlfriend's phone.

Police say she dumped Diab weeks ago when she found out he was married, but the split didn’t stop Diab from hounding his former flame.

He's accused of stalking her so much at her job at Oak Court Mall, security barred him from the mall.

“Stalking is a form of domestic violence because it’s about one person having control over another person,” said Elizabeth Shelley with the YWCA.

Police records show the more the ex tried to stop Diab, the more he harassed her, including threatening her on Facebook under the name of a Lebanese pop star.

She even found a tracking device in her car.

Shelley says the non-profit helps thousands of women each year a bulk of those abused women are often stalked and harassed by an old fling.

Shelley warns if that’s you or someone you know, get a safety plan.

“Always have gas in your car. Know where police stations are. Always have extra locks on the door."

And get your locks changed!

Diab's ex told police she got her apartment key back from him when they broke up, but Diab somehow had another key, and the ex came home to her stalker right inside.

“It shouldn’t go on because it can escalate and people can be in great danger,” said Shelley, who warns there is a reason why many break it off with people they fear and says to never overlook that fear.

Diab isn’t the only man recently arrested for using a key to break in to an old flame's home.

Just last week, police arrested Marc Newsom for using a key to get into his ex-girlfriend’s house and holding her up with a gun.

Shelley says if you need help changing your locks or filing a restraining order, call the YWCA Shelter Crisis Line at 725-4277.

You can also call the Family Safety Center at 222-4400.

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