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Sicko Glues Razor Blades To Playground; Child Hurt

(East Moline, IL) Someone glued razor blades to playground equipment injuring at least one child in East Moline, IL.

Two-year-old Madden Jenks was playing on the monkey bars when he felt pain in his hand and it started to bleed.

Hi mother, Sally Jenks, told WQAD-TV what happened, “He said, ‘Ouch.’ Jayson put him down. He started bleeding and we looked and they were everywhere. The razor blades were everywhere.”

The rock-climbing wall, monkey bars, slide and a fire pole at Millennium Park all had upward facing razor blades glued to them.

Jayson Kenney is Madden’s father, “It’s pretty sick. Psychotic. Luckily, it wasn’t deeper. He wasn’t old enough to put his weight on the monkey bars,” Kenney said. “What if he didn’t cut his hand and he slit his wrist?”

No arrests have been made.

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  • Johnny Morris

    This is nut. The person responsibly was probaly there watching it wouldnt get no satisfaction if not. People today are just sick. If caight they need to be shipped off to north Korea or someother country that knows how to handle animals. We baby everyone here in america u can kill 100 pepole in a movie theater and get famous sit in jail and be takin care of how is that justice for the families of the dead. News shows everywhere will show every little thing about the suspect’s life for weeks. Need to bring back public hangings or be able to stone these animals in the street. I feel sorry for my girls the animals will be aplenty.

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