Police Say Fake Cop Tried To Pull Over Couple

(Memphis) A Memphis man is facing charges after police say he pretended to be a law enforcement officer.

They say 28-year-old Stephen Chitman tried to pull a driver over near Stage Road and Appling because he didn’t like the way he was driving.

The victim tells WREG that Chitman was driving erratically and may have gotten upset when he accidentally cut him off.

He said Chitman got out of his car at stoplight, flashed a badge, and told him he was an off-duty police officer and that he needed to pull over.

They say he also had a flashing light inside his car.

The victim, who was with his fiance and four children, wasn’t buying it and did everything he could to get away from him.

He say Chitman followed him to a steak house about a mile away and left after he called police.

No one was hurt in the incident.

Chitman is charged with criminal impersonation of a law enforcement officer.


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